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Etekcity Scale Review

Etekcity Scale Review

etekcity scale review


Etekcity was my first digital bodyweight scale. The scale came in a package with directions and two resistance bands. These instructions are simple and straightforward. The scale is excellently made and easy to operate. All you have to do just step on it, and it is on. Although it does not have an option to store additional information or a memory, I find it disappointing. It is great for anyone who uses it only for their weight. Very simple, easy to use; the screen lights up blue, so it is easy to see in the dark. This specific model does not have a Bluetooth connection or any other body measurements( besides the weight one)

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etekcity scale review

Etekcity Esf00+ Wifi smart fitness scale: in-depth review and testing

TechGuru Health & Fitness Tech 0 Comments Until a decade, people were able to see you with three eyes if they heard the phrase “smart” home. It is amazing how a home can be so smart. Now, in 2019, it appears that all devices within your home are connected to the Internet. We’ve got smart thermostats, smart plugs, smart appliances, smart security systems, and even smart lightbulbs. So why not a smart scale?

With a traditional scale, it’s easy to track your weight. It’s easy to calculate your BMI, and your percentage of body fat. But even though these calculations are easy, it’s a pain to do them every day or every week. And then you have to keep a notebook to track your results. While this may not seem like a difficult task, it is possible to make things easier. An app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet that allows you to use the smart scale for measuring your progress.

Today we will be reviewing Etekcity ESF00+ WiFi smart scale. This device is designed to pair with the VeSync smartphone app, which keeps all of your results in the same place. The device can track your BMI, bone, muscle, fat, and approximate body fat percentage. You can also use the scale as a bathroom scale. Is this really a good scale? It’s all about to change!

etekcity scale review


The environment may affect secondary readings.

Will only read weight for family members under age 18.

In an ever more health-conscious society, it makes sense that people are monitoring their weight. Unfortunately, the epidemic has led to many people gaining weight. People are now trying to shed those extra pounds, as life is returning to normal. Bathroom scales are far from a new technology, as anyone can attest. Modern technology allows a scale to do much more than simply give your weight. Smart scales have revolutionized the way that people track their fitness and weight.

There are many options available on the market today. With so many choices available, how do you find a smart scale that’s right for you? There are many options. One way to locate a trustworthy scale is by working with brands you trust. Etekcity is a brand that falls under this category. We’ve reviewed a handful of their scales, as well as their Smart Foot Massager . Most of the products they offer have been well received. As a result, we like to keep an eye on their new products. So when we saw that they were selling a new bathroom scale, we decided to take a closer look.

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We’re reviewing the Etekcity ESF-551 smart fitness scale today. The Etekcity ESF-551 Smart Fitness Scale is a small bathroom scale. It was designed to be accurate. You can also monitor your bone density and BMI with this smart function. Does it perform as well in practice than it does on paper, or is it just as good as the theory? To find out, we needed to dig a little deeper into how the ESF-551 works. We’ll now explain all you need about the new scale. The physical design of the building and its quality will be discussed. We will discuss how it is used and the accuracy of its results. The app’s fitness tracking and monitoring features will be discussed last. This scale will be complete when all these elements are taken together. Let’s begin!

etekcity scale review

Etekcity Bluetooth Smart Scale Review – Esf17

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The EtekCity Smart Bluetooth Bathroom Scale is a smart scale that offers a variety of important health related data to help you stay on track with your fitness and health goals But does it live up to the hype?

This Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Review gives you all the facts you need to know if the scale lives up to its claims and is the right one for you.

Etekcity reached me to ask if I would review the scale. Since I was approaching 50 and my weight loss goals are a big concern, I said yes. My review was 100% truthful, even though I was given the scale.

Etekcity Smart Scale allows you to easily track your weight. Etekcity ESF17 was the model that we reviewed. If you’re interested, you can find out if it is right for you.

etekcity scale review

All you need to know about the Smart Scale

The package was well packaged and the scale arrived much thinner than expected. It included the scale, four AAA batteries, as well as a booklet and promotional item that explained how you can return the scale to your satisfaction – and also how to leave feedback.

It was the last thing I had after I had removed the item from its container that I needed to do: to pull the tab out of the battery compartment.

So that was how the Etekcity Smartscale was ready to go.

Was it not enough to say how small this scale was?

I am still amazed!

The nickel can be seen against it, and you can clearly see how low-profile this scale is.

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etekcity scale review

App Configuration

1. Install the VeSyncApp from Google Play.

You will first see the screen below when you launch the app. VeSync also has devices that share the same app, so it would be the best place to locate all devices from this brand.

You can click on the plus sign at the top-right of this screen to add a new device.

At this point, you have to select the actual device you would like to add, in this case, a scale.


manufactures different models of scales, the one that I am using for the review is the Etekcity WiFi Smart Scale (ESF00+). Although the names of these models are not particularly catchy, they have the same basic features: a large screen with Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

You can easily see the photo of your scale right beside the model’s name. It makes installation very easy. Once you select the model of the scale you can go ahead and start the syncing process.

etekcity scale review


Etekcity Bluetooth can sometimes be complicated, but the scale is very precise and has received many positive reviews from users. These scales use four sensors to measure the exact measurements. They can also be used in increments of 0.02lb, so you can track each step.

This glass is Indium Tin Oxide, which can also be used to increase conductivity and improve results.

Etekcity Scales use the bioelectrical imperance technique to take the most precise measurements. This type of analysis is used often to assess body composition. BIA’s effectiveness has not been well-respected in the past. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since then, and BIA can now provide a detailed analysis to some degree. Some experts online have suggested that a BIA scale, such as the Etekcity one, can only use this technique on the bottom half of your body. This may mean that the scales are giving you a complete body composition analysis based on the composition of your legs alone.

There have been some complaints that the results of the scales may fluctuate. One person stated that when she went to weigh herself, she found that her weight had increased by 10 pounds. Although, this could be due to the issues regarding calibration, which I will discuss later in the review.

etekcity scale review


Etekcity uses the latest technology to go beyond standard measurements. You can pair the Etekcity with any smart device using the app.

Etekcity Bluetooth balances operate through cloud-based data analysis. They are compatible to the VeSyncFit app by Etekcity. This app is free to download and available on both Google Play and the App store. All the information that you need is presented in graphs and tables, and the app will automatically update when your phone is in range. You can create unlimited user profiles and keep a detailed history of all your health information.

Although there have been some suggestions that the app is not as user-friendly as what Etekcity would have you believe. The app has received a lot of complaints, as well as the ease of using it. This resulted in the rating of 2.5 stars out of five on Google Play. Many people have expressed frustration with the app and suggested there were inaccuracies about what it records.

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Also, there have been many comments about the dearth of an athlete mode. That means the data on body fat composition does not consider a person’s training regimen and muscle strength.

The app is able to store unlimited user profiles. However, privacy between users can be problematic. The app can be downloaded by up to three users to protect your profiles.

Reviewers have noted that connectivity can be affected by the different user profiles. One reviewer said that it could cause her to lose her progress chart if her partner is overweight.

These scales work well with all fitness tracking and other health apps. These scales can be used to update any app, no matter if you’re an Apple Watch user, Fitbit tracker, or Samsung Gear owner. Etekcity is also compatible with My Fitness Pal. This app also tracks nutrition.

etekcity scale review

Bottom Line

Etekcity Bluetooth Bathroom Scales allow you to keep tabs on what’s working, and help you reach your goals. These scales are one of the most effective weight loss and fitness aids available. They can accurately measure your body and allow you to record and track all stats.

The app is not perfect and there are some problems with connectivity. Also, reviewers suggest that these scales might be too costly.

Etekcity Bluetooth weight scales may be the perfect addition to your exercise routine if you’re working toward improving your physical fitness. With this amazing device, you can easily set goals with the app. Etekcity also offers a two-year warranty for any manufacturing problems or errors.

Is Etekcity A Good Brand?

The Etekcity EB9380H is one of the most accurate and precise digital bathroom scales we’ve tested. Most bathroom scales are not reliable and will only respond to changes in weight of up to half a pound. We found that the Etekcity EB9380H can even take your weight readings directly from memory.

What Scales Are The Most Accurate?

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What Smart Scale Is the Most Accurate

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What Brand of Weighing Scale is Best?

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.Etekcity Scale Review

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