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Filippo Berio Olive Oil Review

Filippo Berio Olive Oil Review

filippo berio olive oil review

How Good Is Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Score: Great value for the price.

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as good as any extra virgin oil blend in this price range. It isn’t artisanal nor unusual, and that’s what I enjoy about it. This olive oil is a great choice for home cooking and will not break the bank.

The biggest drawback in my mind is that SALOV S.p.A. is no longer an Italian family-owned company. Instead, it’s owned by a Chinese parent corporation that makes plant-based household foods.

It is important for me as a customer to understand the origin of what I buy (and thus support my selections). This olive oil is still made at Filippo Berio’s Lucca production plant, but I also like other producers of food products that meet this criteria.

This should not negate the fact Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers great value for money. The question of being a responsible consumer and supporting local, family-run businesses in the globalized world raises several open questions.

You’ll find more on this later in the review. Now let’s look at what extra virgin oil has to offer in terms of nutritional content.

The Nutrition Facts for 1 Tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive oil:

filippo berio olive oil review

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review

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A wide variety of cooking oils are available on the market. Because it’s versatile, olive oil is most common. You will find olive oil used in most Mediterranean and European cuisines. Olive oil can be used in many ways, including baking, sauteing and dressings for salad or pasta. It can be used in many different ways.

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Many brands offer high-quality olive oil. Filippo Berio is one of these top-quality brands. Have you tried out olive oil from this brand? No matter what brand you use, olive oil is good for your health.

Below is our detailed Filippo Berio olive oils review. We will give you all the important details you need to know about this great choice.

filippo berio olive oil review

Who Makes Filippo Berio Olive Oil?

See Filippo Berio on Amazon >>> First, let’s look at the history and origins of the brand.

Filippo Berio dates back around 1876. All of it began in Lucca which is an Italian city near the Serchio River. It is known that Lucca is a city that is filled with amazing olive trees. The amazing olive oil made from these fruits is what makes it so popular.

We are looking at a brand that was founded by a local merchant, who in 1850 sold olive oils. In the year 1876, this local merchant started his blend of olive oil, which is the result of this amazing brand we know and love today. Filippo would seal each bottle by adding his signature. This was to assure that this oil is high-quality and consistent.

Berio was buried in the year 1894. His daughter Albertina Berio took the company over. With two other partners, Berio founded another company and the olive oil brand grew rapidly to be one of most well-known brands of the 1900s.

Today, the olive oil is produced by SALOV, the company started by Berio’s daughter. Its main production facility is in Massarosa which is just outside of Lucca.

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filippo berio olive oil review

How Good Is Filippo Berio Olive Oil?

Click here to view Filippo Berio extravirgin olive oils review. The olive oil is as good or better than the ones in this price bracket. It’s not unusual or artisanal. This is the reason we chose to live and work with this brand.

Olive oil has a pleasant aroma, is balanced, and tastes fruity. You get all the benefits of olive oil, without having to worry about your wallet.

Is Filippo Berio olive oil real? One thing you might not like about it is the fact that the company, SALOV S.p.A, is not a family-owned company like it was when it started. It was instead purchased by an Chinese company that makes plant-based household food. Regardless of the company responsible for the production of the olive oil, we cannot deny the fact that it is an authentic olive oil that gives customers great value for their money.

filippo berio olive oil review

Olive Oil at a Great Value

It is high-quality olive oil. The perfect oil for kitchen use, it has a balanced and fruity flavor, along with soft olive flavors and an excellent aroma. It features a pleasantly viscous and slightly creamy texture.

Filippo Bertio, is it genuine olive oil or counterfeit? It is true that it is the best olive oil you can buy. It is an authentic brand with legitimate olive oil. There are four sizes available for this oil. It is sold in a 101.4 fl. oz. can. Oz. glass bottles. If you are looking for great olive oil to take home with you, then this is definitely worth considering.

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This olive oil should be used with care. The oil works well in baking or for deep-frying. However, it should not be heated too much. Use it at medium heat. Why is that?

The smoke point is the temperature at which oil starts to turn black after its oil has been broken down. It is quite low for this particular oil. The oil is able to smoke between 338 and 374 degree Fahrenheit. This is a very low price compared to other cooking oils.

The Filippo Berio oil review must include the fact that it is made from first-ever cold-pressed oils of olive oils, which are both European Mediterranean and North African. It’s an olive oil without trans fat, GMOs and gluten.

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Is Filippo Berio Good Quality Olive Oil?

It is a fantastic value for the high quality. Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil is great for everyday cooking. This oil has a fruity, balanced taste and creamy texture. It also smells great in a wide variety of dishes.

Is Filippo Berio Olive Oil Pure?

None. All of our oils can be used as-is and contain no water or other oil.

.Filippo Berio Olive Oil Review

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