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Greenworks Drill Review

Greenworks Drill Review

greenworks drill review

Should you buy it?

This drill can be used in many different applications and is easy to store. This drill would make a great investment in the hobby of woodworking or for homeowners.

It is best to buy a high-quality drill for constant, hard usage.

Disclosure: We were sent this product by the manufacturer to review and give an honest opinion. But this doesn’t affect the way we rate and review it. All opinions, however, are our own. If you make a purchase through one of our links, we may be compensated.

Greenworks DD24L00 24V drill/driver is ideal for tough tasks around the house or in the workshop. This drill/driver has a lightweight, sleek design that is easy to handle and a comfortable grip.

It includes a drill, two 1.5Ah batteries and a small charging case. You can choose to upgrade your battery capacity to either 2Ah, or 4Ah. These are interchangeable with most of their power and yard tools.

Greenworks, a manufacturer of high-quality garden tools and equipment for the US market, has been in business since 2009. The company was initially known for its electric mowers.

Globe Group also owns Greenworks. Greenworks is a company that focuses on the development of innovative, battery-powered tools and products for the future. The company has produced the best batteries available and offers a wide range of customer services, including a hassle-free and long-lasting warranty.

greenworks drill review

Greenworks 2X24V(48V) 17’’ Brushless Lawn Mower And Drill Review. This is a gateway to the Greenworks Ecosystem

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REVIEW – Most of us have spent our entire lives using gasoline or corded electric lawn tools. In my youth, gas lawnmowers I used were horrible. It required me to pull on the starter cord 10 to 20 times to get the mower to turn. Once it did, the next step was to blend gasoline and oil. Finally, the maintenance of the 2-stroke engine and any breakdowns or running out of fuel. I changed from my gas mower several years ago to an electric corded mower. This made it much simpler to maintain and start the mower. Thanks to Greenworks’ new battery technology, we feel that electric mowers are entering a new era. For review they provided a 2x 24V 48V 17” Brushless Lawn Mower. So I tried it out in extreme heat and drought. It was very easy to set up, use and it works much better than any gas mower that I remember from my youth.

The package that they sent me is an optional version that also includes a 24V screwdriver/drill, so I’ll include a section below about my thoughts on that as well.

Greenworks 2x24V 48V 17’’ Brushless Lawnmower is a cordless, battery-powered electric mower. The mower is lightweight and you have the option of using it with a bag for trimmings or plugging it in to mulch your yard.

It is interesting that the dual 24V batteries configuration has been introduced. Greenworks, among other companies, used to have different line of tools with lower or higher voltages (e.g. 20/40/etc.) to suit different purposes. These 24V packs can also double as 48-volt chargers for some tools, giving the user greater flexibility and offering the best of both. A single charger and set of batteries can power over 75 different tools (and counting), though this number includes many duplicates like 10 different lawnmower models. The range of their power tools seems to include at least one model that I could use every day, as well as some more uncommon options such a kid-friendly Jeep ride-on.

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Included in the box is the Greenworks 2 x 24V (48V) 17” Brushless Lawn Mower, 24V Drill/screwdriver, dual-charger, AC input for the charger, 2 x 24V battery packs at 4ah each, a belt clip for the screwdriver, the grass clippings bag, and manual.

greenworks drill review

What would I change?

A slightly narrow cutting width can mean more passes

Small clippings bag means frequent stops to empty

The vertical storage balance isn’t possible

Greenworks 2x 24V (48V), 17” Brushless Mower sent me to review came with a Greenworks 24-volt drill/screwdriver. I used this repeatedly throughout the review period instead of my usual 20V Black and Decker cordless drill for various projects. Although it is lighter, the Greenworks 24-V drill feels much more powerful than other drills and can apply more torque. This drill was comparable to the corded one I use for really high torque. Adjustable keyless Chuck (you can loosen/loosen the rings close to the front to attach/remove the drill bit/Phillips driver head). Also, it has an adjustable torque setting so that you don’t over tighten screws.

I visited Lowes and Home Depot for this review and perused the gas mowers. I found that a standard gasoline mower costs around $200. However, they have slightly more cutting paths. The mowers are heavier than the Greenworks. If you plan to also use Greenworks power tools such as trimmers and blowers, the price of electric mowers will be comparable or even better. Greenworks other tools, which don’t come with batteries, are usually cheaper than those with gas counterparts. One example is the $190 price tag for a trimmer. Another similar-sized trimmer was $40 at Greenworks. Amazon has no such deal. (If you have this mower and two large batteries then you probably won’t require more batteries for your other tools). After several weeks of using the Greenworks 2x24V (48V), 17’’ Brushless Lawn Mower, I was satisfied with its performance and ease-of-use.

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.Greenworks Drill Review

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