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Liquid Iv Review

Liquid Iv Review

liquid iv review

Liquid Iv Drink Mix Review

Written By on February 3, 2021 Nea Pantry We’re independently supported by our readers and we may earn a commission when you buy through our links.

LiquidIV Information LiquidIV provides electrolyte and nutrition drink mixes that deliver nutrients and water directly to the bloodstream. This is done using Cellular Transport Technology. The drink mix utilizes a combination of sodium, potassium, glucose, and other nutrients, to hydrate cells faster and more efficiently than water does.

Each ingredient in Liquid IV is non-GMO. They are also non-GMO. Forbes, USA Today, OK Magazine and other magazines have all featured Liquid IV. Liquid IV boasts over 212k Instagram followers and was one of the last cuts in Shark Tank’s investment show.

Liquid IV drink mixes review will give you a detailed look at the brand, their products, reviews from customers and ratings. We’ll also describe how they work in order to help decide whether Liquid IV is right for you.

Liquid IV Overview Liquid IV has been founded by Ryan Wheeler (2015) to just help people lead better lives. The key to optimal well-being is hydration.

These hydration-related health benefits are important. Water makes up 60% of our bodies. No joke. Hydration is critical on a cellular level; water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells, protects organs and tissues, plus much more.

A key component of cognitive functioning is also water. If people are seriously dehydrated in the desert, then what? Their brain starts to dream up an oasis. The body shuts down and their brain starts to dream up waterfalls in a tropical jungle.

liquid iv review

Review Of Liquid Iv

Liquid IV was initially designed to treat hangovers (hence, the B vitamins) but it is now being promoted for general use as a Hydration multiplier using “breakthrough science and cellular transportation technology”.

The main focus of Liquid IV is rapid, targeted hydration based on modern science. Their powder sticks contain over 100% of the daily recommended Vitamin C, along with B3, B5, B6, and B12, and its taste has been carefully crafted using a balance of cane sugar and stevia. There are other great flavors available, including Acaiberry, Passion fruit and Lemon-Lime 3rd party liquid IV. What do customers think?

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How do internet users feel about Liquid IV? Do they find the reviews to be positive? YES. Most people LOVE Liquid IV’s electrolyte vitamins.

I think the most common complaint about Liquid IV supplement is its high sugar level and non-return policy.

Liquid IV has released a sleep formula that contains a much lower level of sugar. You will also find L-theanine and Melatonin in the formula.

They also offer a caffeinated version that contains both organic green tea extract and guayusa, a South American herb and coffee-substitute containing high amounts of antioxidants.

Overall, the majority of Amazon reviews from Liquid IV users report noticeable results for specific medical conditions. Nurses and doctors even recommend this product to treat migraines, dry skin, Crohn’s disease, dry eyes, dry skin and dark circles after bariatric surgery.

liquid iv review

An Honest Liquid I.V. Read the Review

If you’re thinking about trying this electrolyte & hydration multiplier but don’t know whether or not it’s worth it… You’re in the right place.

This product was something I had high expectations of when it first came up to me. I had a couple of concerns:

1. This is what the difference is between Gatorade and this. 2. What does it mean to be a “hydration multiplier”? 3. This seems to be a bit expensive for an electrolyte liquid, if I’m honest.

I will discuss all the concerns I have in this article. I also address new questions that I came across while I was using Liquid I.V.

I will also discuss the numerous benefits that I have discovered from drinking it over 2 weeks.

P.S. If you want to see more in-depth *honest* reviews from us, check out our reviews on YouTube ! For you, we go into more detail about all of the food, health and fitness products that we tried out. That way, you don’t waste your money on something that’s just not worth it. We will help you. Edit/Disclaimer (2021). I am now Liquid.V. While I was an affiliate at the time this review was written in 2020, I have not altered my Liquid I.V. statements. This article has not changed since I became an affiliate.

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liquid iv review

My struggle with dehydration

It is very easy to get dehydrated. My medication makes it easy to become dehydrated. I also drink lots of coffee and wine (both diuretics), which make it harder to stay fully hydrated.

I’ve always tried to cope with this by drinking a lot of water. (You can read all about the benefits of drinking water in this post ). But honestly, the amount of water I drink doesn’t always cut it.

It’s difficult to keep hydrated, especially on hot days or when I exercise or spend a lot of time outside. Even though I consume 64 oz per day of water, my body is still dehydrated.

I remember going through periods of excessive consumption of Gatorade. I stopped drinking them all. Whether it be the taste, the sugar content, artificial flavors, etc.

Liquid IV intrigued me, but I was also skeptical. This product could solve all my hydration woes! It had received rave reviews so I was compelled to try it.

What is Liquid I.V. exactly?

Liquid I.V. It is a daily electrolyte mix that delivers 2-3x more water. CTT, Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), delivers rapid hydration in your bloodstream.

liquid iv review

Would I Recommend Liquid I.V. ?

Absolutely. 10/10. I recommend it. Particularly if you’ve ever experienced dehydration symptoms like fatigue and headaches …).

Liquid IV was a great experience. When I love amazing products, I don’t want to keep them to myself. This has been so impactful on my life (especially my fitness & energy), so I would hate to keep that impact to myself.

Their website offers 25% discount for all orders. Use the code VITALITYVIXENS. Visit their website. We hope this review has helped you to feel better informed about Liquid I.V. and to help you make an informed decision on whether/not to buy. It’s a horrible feeling when I buy something I haven’t thoroughly reviewed. I’m sure a lot of you guys are the same way!

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Do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will get back to you with as many answers as I have.

liquid iv review

Liquid I.V. Hydration Review

Liquid I.V. American company Liquid IV. has become a huge success, especially in the US with their Hydration powder sachets.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Powder can be used to mix electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals with water.

According to the brand, the powder provides more than twice the amount of hydration as water. People seem obsessed with it.

Within five years, the brand’s revenue increased from $0 up to $100 million. With over 40,000+ Amazon reviews, you can be sure that this product is extremely popular.

I am interested in having a closer look on the Liquid I.V. Hydration powder to see if it really is as good as its fans think it is.

Check out my Liquid I.V. Review if you are considering purchasing the product. See my Hydration review.

Are Liquid Iv Legit?

Overall, Liquid IV is a safe choice for most people who are looking for a way to stay hydrated or re-hydrate. Only problem is the high sodium and sugar levels. If you are concerned, I would recommend speaking to your doctor before taking Liquid IV.Aug 30, 2021

What Are The Side Effects Of Liquid Iv?

Convulsions (seizures)fast heartbeat.high blood pressure.muscle twitching.restlessness.swelling of feet or lower legs.weakness.Jun 21, 2021

Is Liquid Iv Better Than Water?

DripDrop ORS is more effective at defeating dehydration than plain old drinking water and sports drinks. Here’s why. There aren’t many electrolytes in water. Water doesn’t have enough electrolytes to replenish fluid lost, so it will not provide sufficient sodium or glucose for your body to deal with dehydration.

.Liquid Iv Review

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