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Netgear Ac1000 Review

Netgear Ac1000 Review

netgear ac1000 review

Netgear R6080 (Ac1000) Router Review

CLICK HERE for a price – The Netgear R6080/Ac1000 WiFi router is a highly-rated product that’s great for homeowners and small businesses. It can transmit wireless speeds up to 1000 Mb/s, making it great for streaming HD video and online gaming.

The Netgear Ac1000 offers seamless wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity to up 15 devices. You can choose between the 2.4GHz and 5.GHz frequency bands to maximize your router’s speed and reduce interference.

This router provides network protection with WPA/WPA2 security, firewall protection and high-level WPA/WPA2 encryption. The Netgear R6080 creates a guest network, which is separate from your home network. Thus, your private data is secured.

It also comes with Nighthawk. The app allows you to set up the router and manage website filtering. You can also pause Wi Fi connection to certain devices that are connected to your home network.

Nighthawk’s interface makes setting up the router easy. You just need to connect the router via the Ethernet cable. The app guides you through simple and small installation steps. There are 4 Ethernet ports, which provide faster internet connection over longer ranges.

This router is a great choice if you are looking to stream HD videos, or enjoy online HD-graphics gaming. In today’s review article, we are going to share our personal experience with the Netgear R6080 (Ac1000) Wi-Fi router. Continue reading!

.Netgear Ac1000 Review

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