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Netgear Ax1800 Review

Netgear Ax1800 Review

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netgear ax1800 review


– Large

– No USB ports

– High priced

Both big and small, the Netgear EAX20 Mesh Extender (EX1800) can send more data into homes than any other extender. It would be the perfect extender if it weren’t so expensive, big and lacked a USB port for plugging in a printer or hard drive. While the extender isn’t quite as tiny and hidden as most wall-plug models, it offers superior range and performance. The best Wi-Fi extenders are the ones to buy today. You can also create mesh extensions for standalone routers with this extender.

Editor’s Notice: Prices and information are regularly updated in our reviews. From September 2020 when the review was published, our Netgear AX1800 MESH Extender EAX20 rating has not changed.

netgear ax1800 review

The Dark Side is Powerful

Nighthawk mesh routers look a lot like the Netgear Orbi budget mesh system. Nighthawk uses the same basic boxy design with heat vents that look like cheese grater-styles, paints it black and puts a Nighthawk label at its front. It also supports Wi-Fi 6.

You can wire both the satellite and router together to get faster system performance.

When I reviewed the Orbi I was impressed by the simplicity of the design. It is attractive without being too obvious. The design blends well enough that both the device and its battery will perform best when left out.

Note: Another design change is the Nighthawk mesh system, which adds an Ethernet port to the satellite’s rear. The dual-band Orbi Mesh system doesn’t have this option. This is useful if you need a wired connection between your router and satellite to speed up system performance or to connect something such as a media streamer to the satellite.

Although the Nighthawk has a lot, it’s not perfect. This is because this Wi-Fi 6 system is budget friendly. It doesn’t offer a multigig port for WAN like Netgear Orbi 6 and your incoming speed will not exceed 1 gigabit a second. There are no extra bells and whistles included in the app. Don’t consider purchasing a third band as an additional backhaul to transmit data between the routers and satellites.

Nighthawk’s specs are that it is a dual-band AX1800 router. The “AX” indicates the Nighthawk supports Wi Fi 6 (802.11ax), and the “1800”, the top speed of both bands. The combined speed ratings are misleading, as only one band can be connected at once. Netgear claims that the 2.4GHz band can hit speeds of up to 600 Mbps, and that the 5GHz band is capable of hitting speeds as high as 1,200 Mbps.

The most expensive triband Wi Fi 6 mesh routers (Netgear’s Orbi 6 or AmpliFi 6), and the Arris Surboard Max Pro had slower top speeds at all distances. However, the Netgear Nighthawk’s speed was fastest from a distance of 5 feet (blue).

netgear ax1800 review

Final Thoughts

The system we received for review included the router along with two satellite units, offering generous mesh network coverage moderately-sized homes. You can purchase the router without satellite (MK62), if you live in a small home or do not require as much coverage. A second satellite can also be bought for $129.99 (MS60). These prices seem reasonable for a system of this nature, however, it is in line with the price range for the NETGEAR Nighthawk AX1800 MeshWifi 6. We were struck by the interesting combination of points in this system. While the units don’t feel particularly built, they aren’t cheap. The design of the units is straightforward, yet not sloppy. The network provides dependable, middle-of-the-road performance, even competing outside of its class… all at an inviting price.

It’s in the averageness of it that it stands out from “average” and what we might expect. We would expect even more. As the Razer Huntsman-TE offered enthusiast features at an entry-level price, the Nighthawk AX1800 provides features that exceed its product level. The advertisements may have been a bit offensive at first, but remote access to the router and additional network security are great options.

The Nighthawk AX1800 mesh WiFi 6 is a good option for the average user looking to find a low-cost solution that offers additional features and customization. This system can be especially useful if you’ve been away from your network hardware in a while. This system is like a freshly graduated sidekick-turned-hero with satellite sidekicks of its own: it will get the job done with a little help from some friends.

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.

Mesh WiFi Gaming Routers

netgear ax1800 review


It is almost like NETGEAR read my review. They noted my problems and then corrected them with the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini (also known as AX1800). This dual-band mesh WiFi router is smaller, less expensive, and easier to set up than the last one. It is compatible with WiFi 5 backwards, so there’s no need for you to update devices. A business can have a maximum of 4,000 sq. feet. You can also secure the Mini by using up to 4 SSID networks (admin, employee, customer WiFi, IoT, etc.

Like the Pro models, remote management of the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini via NETGEAR Insight is possible. This setup had the biggest advantage that it found my Orbi and was ready for use as soon as I plugged it in. It updated the firmware automatically. It was much more straightforward than the Pro model. It took about 10 minutes to find/set up the satellite but that was no big deal either. It found it and began to do whatever it does behind closed doors. Orbi Mini can be used by small businesses with no IT personnel.

The Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini brings out the best in the Pro. Small businesses and home offices (or even pro users at home) can find a lot to love here.

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.Netgear Ax1800 Review

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