Ryobi Table Saw Review

Ryobi Table Saw Review

ryobi table saw review

Ryobi Table Saw Review Specifications

Motor: 120V at 60 Hz and 15 Amps

Blade Diameter 10”

Size of the Arbor: 5/8”

Depth to Cut at 90deg is 3-1/4″ Depth to Cut at 45deg at 2-1/2′

Rip capacity: 27’’ right of blade, 12’’ left of blade

RPM: 5,000 (no-load speed)

It’s a fantastic deal at just $299 for homeowners. Not only do you get the saw, but you get a pretty decent stand to go along with it. A 15-amp motor is a great option. It’s almost the same motor as the big guys, but at a fraction the price. Yes, they are different motors, but the saw is for different uses. The contractor is likely to use the saw every day, so it needs to be stronger. Because the homeowner does not use their saw every day, it is unnecessary to spend extra money on a saw which doesn’t actually need it. Ryobi is a great choice if you want to buy a new tablesaw. Thank you for visiting our Ryobi Table Saw Review.

ryobi table saw review

Here’s a quick look:

Image Price TOP RATED Ryobi10 in. Table Saw Portable with Rolling Stand. Click Here to Buy Ryobi 96214010 Table Saw Motor Assembly

Price Not Available CLICK HERE FOR Ryobi 300 lbs. Universal Miter Saw Stand Capacity CLICK HERE TO BUY

Last update on 2021-11-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API The Ryobi 10 is a ten-inch table saw assembly, which is a cost-effective mid-line saw option for both professionals that need a portable table saw rig and hobbyists working from home.

Find out more information about Ryobi Power Tools and read the Ryobi 10 Table Saw Review.

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ryobi table saw review

History Of Ryobi 10 Table Saws

Ryobiten Table Saw Parts Ryobi10Table Saw Specifications Ryobi10Table Saw Cutting Ability Ryobi10Table Saw Portability Ryobi10Table Saw Reviews Ryobi10Table Saw Reviews Ryobi10Table Saw Prices Ryobi10Table Saw Ryobi10in. With a 15 Amp motor and rolling stand, the portable tablesaw can be used in any location.

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Last update on 2021-10-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API Ryobi manufactures a single traditional table saw assembly, which we will go over in further detail in the sections below, but here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of using a Ryobi 10 table saw assembly:

We like

A good price: Ryobi’s table saw assembly is reasonable priced, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Steel supports of heavy gauge: This support is strong enough to prevent the saw from tipping over or shifting. It also comes together easily using a simple two-bolt system.

Safety feature: The power switch lockout system is great for carpenters and their children. It prevents any kind of injury or accident in the shop area.

It has an excellent motor that cuts well. This table saw is strong enough to handle any beginner or intermediate woodworking job.

ryobi table saw review

Ryobi Table Saw Review: Ryobi 10 In Table Saw Rts11-Folding Stand

Ryobi 10 inch. For homeowners who are looking for a sturdy table saw for a fair price, this table saw is an excellent choice.

Are you sure it’s the best?

We will be looking at some of the key features and weaknesses associated with Ryobi’s table saw in this Ryobi Review. If you finish reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of why the table saw might be the best choice.

We will now look more closely at the table saw’s overview.

Ryobi RTS11, a table saw that is ideal for both professional and DIY woodworkers, can do most all of your basic woodworking. It can be used to repair and do woodworking as well as for renovations. Additionally, this unit can be used by budget-conscious professionals.

At a fraction of what you pay for comparable units, this unit includes many important features. RTS11 has a surprisingly effective performance, especially for the low price.

ryobi table saw review


RYOBI, one of the world’s most advanced companies making homeowner power tools at a great price, is renowned for being innovative. Ryobi is one of the most affordable brands, and specializes in making quality power tools for outdoor use. Ryobi products are reliable and inexpensive, making it the number one choice for DIY woodworkers worldwide.

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Ryobi has done a lot of things to set their power tools apart from other manufacturers. The company’s focus is on power tools that can be used within your financial budget, and have features that homeowners will appreciate.

Ryobi has invested a lot of time and research into developing power tools that will not only deliver excellent performance but can also be affordable.

Ryobi table saws are a great investment, if you want something that you can rely on.

Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

ryobi table saw review

Ryobi Rts31 10-Inch Table Saw In The Field

Ryobi RTS31 10-inch tablesaw allowed us to easily rip out and cross cut the necessary pieces to make a Murphy bed for queen. It was installed in the historic house’s bedroom. The outfeed provided ample support for sheet goods, while the sliding miter tables made it easy to make smaller cross-cuts. Our rips were well taken care of by the fence, and repeated cuts were easy. The blade guard is flexible and it wasn’t too difficult to reach in and adjust it when we went back and forth between through-cutting and non-through-cutting applications.

It was very easy to adjust the height of either bevel or blade. The mechanism also seemed quite precise. Easy to use, the safety switch on/off was well placed to prevent accidental shutdown during use. Ryobi RTS31 table saw 10-inch bevel seemed easier than Ryobi RTS30 due to its wider arc. Also, we liked the fact that most of the accessories were stored on the tool so it was simple to get on and off the jobsite.

Tom is one the founders of Pro Tool Reviews. Tom has over twenty years of construction experience, including being a project manager in an engineering firm, starting his own architectural company, and ultimately owning and running a South Carolina licensed residential contractor. Tom has two specialties: problem solving and attention to details. This is evident when he inspects and reviews power tools.

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ryobi table saw review

Ryobi Table Saws – Are they Any Good?

Yes, Ryobi table saws are good. This brand provides homeowners and DIYers with models that can perform as well as the more expensive brands yet priced at a very decent price point. Many of their models come equipped with the necessary accessories as well as a warranty.

Ryobi RTS12: Check Today’s price Ryobi RTS12 wins our Ryobi tablesaws review. A steel stand is included with the unit for stability and support. The construction of the RTS12 is created from a combination of steel and aluminum, which gives the table saw strength but keeps it lightweight.

The following pages offer more options.

Topnotch Delta36 725 table saw Topnotch Table Saw Author Recent Posts

ryobi table saw review

All Seven Cuts Well

Our main surprise during our best table saw test was the differences in cutting power, and the quality of the cuts. All these saws ripped through 3-in.-thick oak without hesitating. The stock blades included with each saw were used for this test. Next we tried the same test again with top-quality blades in every saw.

You would expect that the best saws produced slightly better cuts than those with lower prices. But the difference was negligible. The only saw that struggled to make smooth cuts in the super-thick oak was the Ryobi. In more common situations, like cutting 3/4-in.-thick material, Ryobi’s cut quality was fine. The blades that came with every saw were adequate to handle most tasks. If you need smooth cuts that can be used for glue joints you will have to purchase a higher-quality blade.

Each saw has a 15-amp motor and can be used to cut boards or plywood. However, there are some features that are unique. Our research revealed that table saws with the highest quality features were more difficult to use than others due to the ease and quality of their blade controls, rip fences, and stands.

.Ryobi Table Saw Review

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