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Tomameri Mp3 Player Review

Tomameri Mp3 Player Review

tomameri mp3 player review

Product Review – Black Digital Mp4 Player Zy

Robert Voss. Just recently I was searching for a MP3-MP4 cheap player. eBay sold me a brand new, black Digital MP4 Player ZY at a price of $13.00. If you own an Apple Macintosh computer then you’ll want to read this article.

Below are the specifications for this MP4 Player device. It has a 1.8 inches LCD screen, can charge in 3 hours, play 40 hours, supports 64GB TF card, comes with a USB cable, mic, mini USB cable and clear plastic case. UPC is 690770083923.

The mail arrived and it was a pleasant surprise. Next, I took it out of the packaging. After that, I switched on the on button on the topside and moved the middle circle button. Next, the screen lights up with “Welcome.” There is a menu list that appeared with Music, Movie, Record, Voice, FM Radio, Photo, Setup, and E-Book.

I then connected the device to the Apple Macintosh computer. The device icon didn’t show up on the desktop. It was quite strange. After that, I checked Disk Utilities and saw if my device appeared there. This did not happen. This had me worried. The device claims it’s connected to my computer. It is just not visible on my computer. Now what?

Next, I used a 64GBTF Card to make this device work. The TF Card was first loaded with MP3 files. Finally, I insert the TF Card into my device. Then comes up on screen “No file in SD.” This is very odd. You must format your TF Car before you can upload files. If the TF Cart is created on an Android or PC, it will show up as a Storage Device icon on a Mac Desktop with the “No name” option. I was able to find old product reviews. Plus, there are other MP3 player devices that look similar to this product. Tomameri is another brand that offers similar features to the MP3 player, GG Martinsen. The features listed above may not be available on these devices.

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What I learned about this product is always ask questions to the store or seller about the compatibility of any electronic device before buying it. There is no way to lose any money. Make sure you do your homework before purchasing one of these gadgets. This MP4 player will work if you own a computer.

Finally, my purchase of this device has convinced me to get an Apple compatible product the next time around. This will not be my second time making this error. It is not the sellers fault, as they didn’t know enough about it. Because I couldn’t use the product, I donated it to Goodwill Industries.

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.Tomameri Mp3 Player Review

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