La Jolla Shores Park

La Jolla Shores Park

La Jolla Shores Park

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores, a 1 mile-long sandy beach in La Jolla is called. In summer, waves at this beach are usually the most gentle of all San Diego beaches.

La Jolla Shores lies adjacent to San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. The area prohibits fishing and the removal of any objects. Possession of wildlife is also prohibited.

La Jolla Shores holds many beginner classes in Scuba Diving.

La Jolla Shores has one of the nine beaches with permanent lifeguard stations that are monitored by San Diego Lifeguards.

La Jolla Shores Park

Parking At La Jolla Shores

This is where you can park at La Jolla Shores.

There is a generous amount of space in the parking lots, which stretch out parallel to the beach and Kellogg Park.

Parking is possible on both the streets adjacent to the lots as well in the nearby neighborhoods. Be prepared for summer traffic!

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La Jolla Shores Park


2016 Trip Advisor #8 from Top 25 Beaches USA La Jolla Shores Beach La Jolla Shores Beach (La Jolla Shores Beach) is a popular and long beach located in northern La Jolla. This beach is more than a mile long, compared to other La Jolla beaches that are hidden between rocks. Kayakers can set up at the southern end of the beach to paddle out to La Jolla Cave or other accessible water spots. Beach walkers can head north for a long way by passing under the Scripps Pier and continuing all the way to Black's Beach (warning this area is clothing optional ). For swimmers or surfers who want to enjoy the waves safely, lifeguards will be on hand at La Jolla Shores. It's tops for picnicking, sunbathing, playing in the water, and people watching. It is located in front Kellogg Park, which boasts two picnic areas that can be used separately by large cars. Although the beach is huge, the lot can get crowded. Start your trip early so you can enjoy the full day. A rental is available for the beach and along Avenida de la Playa. You'll find also a restaurant and market. To get to the parking lot, head east on Torrey Pines Road. Next turn onto La Jolla Shores Drive.


La Jolla Shores Park


Our acclaimed restaurants offer handcrafted meals that combine the best local ingredients with innovative flair.

Beachfront Accommodations: View our Live Beach Cam.

Take a look at our live beach cam to preview your perfect beach day. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the complimentary setup of your beach chairs, umbrellas and towels.

The Reasons to Stay at Our Newly Renovated Guest rooms Enjoy your escape in our renovated Beachfront and Coastal View rooms. There's no better way to immerse yourself in the relaxed, La Jolla Shores lifestyle.

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Why you should stay in a heated outdoor pool & hot bathtub Enjoy all year round fun in the sparkling outdoor pool or hottub. The kiddie pool has everything you need to keep your little one happy. It's where you make your best memories.

Staying at La Jolla is a great choice for families with children. Spend quality time together exploring the nearby tidal pool, hosting scrumptious beach barbecues, and playing on the beaches. La Jolla is the perfect place to make family memories.

Why you should stay year round in So. Cal lifestyle at our beachfront property. You can surf, sightsee, or simply relax at any hour of the day.


La Jolla Shores Park

Which Place To Visit:

La Jolla Shores is a mile-long crescent of prime sand beach favored by active beachgoers of all interests. These beaches are popular for both surfers and family members. They're also home to the Scripps International of Oceanography Pier. It is protected by La Jolla Bay and used for kayaking or scuba diving. The glow from beach fires makes it come alive at night.

Torrey Pines State Beach lies at the northernmost point La Jolla. The 300-foot seacliffs provide endless views across the Pacific. A nature walk on the bluffs with native vegetation and the Torrey Pine provides breathtaking views. Here you'll find long stretches of beach ideal for sunbathing and family fun adjacent to a large parking area. Black's Beach, further south, is also a popular spot. This spot, which is dangerously difficult to get to, is popular with local bodyboarders and surfers. It also attracts those who like to relax in the sun and enjoy the surf, even though California prohibits public nudity.

La Jolla Cove lies in a shallow bay. There are sea caves nearby that adventurers can access by foot and kayak, depending on when the tides change. The beach itself is small, but it's usually tame waters are popular with swimmers and snorkelers hoping to see local natives like the bright-orange Garibaldi fish and other marine life. Easy access to the Cove can be made via maintained staircases and walkways. The park contains a number of picnic tables, bathrooms, and other amenities.

Children's Pool is located in downtown La Jolla, just a few steps from La Jolla Cove. This small cove is protected by a concrete barrier wall. This area was initially intended to be a safe place for children to swim, but it has been claimed by sea lions and seals that have been spotted on the beach with their babies. Although now closed for swimming, the Children's Pool offers a crowd-pleasing and often amusing view of these loveable marine inhabitants.

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Continue south to reach Hospitals. This is a beautiful reef, but it's a very poor beach. At low tide there are wonderful tide pools for exploring along the coast here. Although conditions can be difficult, the site is often a great place to go diving. It has dramatic underwater arches as well as ledges that are often full of lobster. Near the gazebo at the south is Hospitals, the surf spot that offers some of La Jolla’s most spectacular reef breaks.

Windansea can be found south of the capital. Made famous by Tom Wolfe's story The Pump House Gang, Windansea is a popular family beach with access to rich tide pools during low tides. It's also a well-known surf spot, attracting local crowds and its share of competition for waves. Swimming and bodyboarding are best on the south half of the beach.


La Jolla Shores Park

Directions To La Jolla Beaches

Turn west from I-5 to La Jolla Parkway. La Jolla Shores Drive is the next exit. Avenida De La Playa to your right, Camino Del Oro just two blocks from Kellogg Park.

To exit La Jolla Village Drive, go west from I-5. Next, you will turn left on Torrey Pines Road. You'll then be right at La Jolla Shores Drive. Avenida De La Playa to your right, Camino Del Oro 2 blocks from Kellogg Park.


La Jolla Shores Park

La Jolla

La Jolla Cove, San Diego's best snorkeling spot, is hands down the most popular. You can either book a guide or hire gear. It is located next to Scripps Park, which has restrooms. This cove is a good entry point.

Kayak tours with a guide are available from La Jolla Shores to get a closer look at marine life as well as a stunning view of the coastline and caves.

Scripps Park can be found just above La Jolla Cove. It is an ideal spot for picnicking and romping with stunning views over the Pacific.


La Jolla Shores Park

1. Amazing Sand

Let's get started with the basics. La Jolla Shores Beach features a wealth of soft, clean sand. It is possible to easily set up camp for a few days. You can enjoy the most authentic Southern California beach experience at this spot.

Because the beach doesn't curve or turn, it is easy to see the large sandy beach. This beach exudes a feeling of freedom and openness.


La Jolla Shores Park

3. It'S An Ideal Spot For Surfing And Surf Lessons

Many surfers enjoying a beautiful morning.

It's a perfect spot for novice surfers because the waves can be quite gentle due to the park. But, in winter when the waves are peak you will see many surfer of every level catching waves. The ocean bottom here is sandy which also makes learning here more comfortable. It is split into two swimming areas and surfing zones.

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Surf Diva teaches surfing in San Diego. It is located in La Jolla Shores and advocates for local communities. These boards can be rented as chairs, wetsuits or umbrellas. They also offer summer camps for many local children.


La Jolla Shores Park

4. The Kellogg Park Playground Adjacent

Walking towards La Jolla Shores Hotel Kellogg Park is the best way to enjoy a picnic, kite flying or just plain fun. A playground is available for younger children, with swings and a jungle gym.

People come to the area for relaxation and not to go on beach activities. It's almost like going to the beach, but it isn't too sandy.


La Jolla Shores Park

5. 5.

La Jolla Shores Beach also has large, free parking lots. Street parking is free but may not be available at all times.

It is best to make your way to the beach early, especially during peak periods. Uber is another option. This will allow you to park in the most convenient La Jolla Shores Beach parking garage during weekends, summer and holidays.


La Jolla Shores Park

6. Fire Pits For S'Mores And More

First-come, first-served fire pits

La Jolla Shores Beach offers a limited number of firepits for day-to-night and even evening use.

S'mores or hot dogs are allowed. Wood to burn is permitted, but not too high. It's a great evening activity. However, you should make sure to stake your claim early on the fire pit. The fire must be extinguished before you depart.


La Jolla Shores

">La Jolla Shores Parking: How Much?

PARKING. PARKING. A $28 daily parking charge will be added on to your room account. There is street parking available within the area.

Is La Jolla Shores Open Covid?

A. The Shoal La Jolla Beaches in San Diego, which include Windansea are just steps away from The Shoal La Jolla Beach. These beaches, along with San Diego Beaches also have open access and can be used for walking, swimming, and other recreational activities as well as sunbathing. These beaches are susceptible to changes due to State, local or national orders.

Are There Car Parks at La Jolla Shores

Parking. The parking lot at La Jolla Shores is big but not big enough to handle summer crowds. The majority of people arrive between noon and 4:00 pm. If you want to park in better spots, such as street parking or neighborhood parking, then come early to the beach.

Is La Jolla Shores Free Parking?

La Jolla Shores Galaxy Taco provides 14 free parking spaces every day. Although they can fill quickly at lunchtime, if you wait a while you will usually find something.

.La Jolla Shores Park

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