San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo sign and logo on Park Blvd.



Entrance to the zoo with sculpture "Rex's Roar" after the lion that inspired the zoo. [1]

Date opened 1916 (Precursor Panama-California Exposition in previous year)
Location Balboa Park , San Diego, California , U.S.
Coordinates 32°44′10″N 117°09′05″W  /  32.73611°N 117.15139°W  / 32.73611; -117.15139
Land area 99 acres (40 ha) [2]
No. of animals 3,700+ [2]
No. of species 650+ (incl. subspecies) [2]
Annual visitors 4 million (2018) [3]
Memberships AZA , [4] AAM , [5] WAZA [6]
Major exhibits Absolutely Apes, Children's Zoo, Elephant Odyssey, Panda Trek, Lost Forest, Monkey Trails, Polar Bear Plunge
Website zoo .sandiegozoo .org

San Diego Zoo

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San Diego Zoo


San Diego Zoo Kids offers a world full of educational facts and entertainment for children and educators. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press offers a wide range of reading opportunities for children and adults. Academy also has many interactive online training courses. We offer many wildlife education programs, including incredible Summer Camps and educational adventures for children of all ages. Anybody with a computer or smartphone is welcome to join us as we continue to conserve the environment through Citizen Science.

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San Diego Zoo

Zoo Single Day Tickets

Included: 1 visit to San Diego Zoo(r), Guided Bus Tour* and Kangaroo Express Bus*. Skyfari Aerial Tram* is also included (subject to availability). All regularly scheduled shows are also included.

All tickets purchased online are valid for one year.



San Diego Zoo

Multi-Park/Multiday Passes

Includes: One visit to the San Diego Zoo and one visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park -or- Two visits to the San Diego Zoo -or- Two visits to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo, a city paradise that is accessible to all ages and is an urban must-see for Southern California. Through the lush tropical garden, you will discover more than 4,000 exotic animals such as leopards and Galapagos tortoises. Africa Rocks offers the chance to see penguins. San Diego Zoo offers a lively, festive atmosphere that is great for families and friends to gather. Enjoy animal encounters, interactive experiences, animal presentations, and other exciting shows to discover all the wonderful worlds of wildlife. San Diego Zoo is an important part of San Diego. See you soon!

San Diego Zoo was named best Zoo in the World for Trip. Advisor's 2015 Traveler's Choice Awards San Diego Zoo was named Best Zoo in the Globe in Trip. It is located in Balboa Park and covers more than 100 acres. There are more than 4000 animals that represent more 800 species around the globe. For additional information and to make sure you're familiar with any areas, take the Guided Bus Tour. The Zoo is a unique walking experience that exhibits animals in the most natural way possible, adding shows and animal presentations throughout the day for additional enjoyment. To make your visit even more exciting, book one of our special tours like Animals in Action, Inside Look, or Discovery Tour. Visit our animal ambassadors to meet them up-close and discover more about our conservation work. San Diego Zoo offers many education programs for children and teens. They also offer sleepovers, educational camps for adults, and caterers for business and family events. All tours are subject to availability. San Diego Zoo Global is open for your suggestions and comments. You can contact us using the online link Buy Tickets Visit Website 2920 Zoo Dr San Diego, CA 92101 Get Directions Toll-Free: (800) 407-9534


San Diego Zoo

More To Know:

San Diego Zoo remains open throughout the year.

You can map your day and find information regarding animals or events on our site.

Special experience tours fill up; book online ahead of time to ensure your spot

San Diego Zoo Global Members Get Free Admission All Year!

Join the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy to help wildlife


San Diego Zoo

Find out More

San Diego Zoo is available 365 days per year

Plan your day with the map and animal and event information on our website

Booking online for special experiences tours is a good idea to secure your spot.

San Diego Zoo Global members get free entry throughout the year.

You can help the environment by signing up for our San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy

It is a beautiful venue for weddings, parties or other group events.


San Diego Zoo


San Diego Zoo Safari Park Wild Weddings

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park offers a unique opportunity for couples looking to have fun, adventure and romance. Dance the night away, exchange vows and witness wildlife including tigers, rhinos and even giraffes.

Celebrating the best events involves personal, unique, and enjoyable touches that will keep your guests laughing and talking for many years after the party is over. Take a look at our favourite reception ideas. These range from basic planning techniques to stunning presentations featuring wildlife animals. The Events Team will be happy to help you plan your wedding!

A Wedding Like No Other ….

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San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Zoo in Balboa Park San Diego, California USA The San Diego Zoo houses over 12,000 animals of more that 650 species on 100 acres of Balboa Park San Diego (40 ha). This park is leased by the City of San Diego.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is the parent organization. A private non-profit conservation organization, it has one the biggest zoological membership groups in the world with over 250,000 members and 130,000 child memberships. Together, they represent more than half a million people.

San Diego Zoo pioneered the idea of cageless, open-air exhibits that replicate natural habitats.

Over the years, giant pandas have been successfully bred at the Zoo for over a decade. The pandas were then repatriated in China in 2019.

2012 saw the opening of an Australian Outback show, which provides a unique experience for Australian wildlife. Another new exhibit, called Africa Rocks, opened in 2017.

With more than 4 million visitors in 2018, San Diego Zoo is the most visited zoo in the United States.

This zoo has been praised by many travelers as being one of their favorite zoos.


San Diego Zoo


"Wouldn’t it be amazing to have San Diego’s very own zoo?" It's something I think I can do. Harry M. Wegeforth heard a great lion roar during the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. San Diego Zoo was created from abandoned exotic animal shows. Harry M. Wegeforth founded San Diego's Zoological Society on October 2, 1916. He served as the society's president until 1941.

Balboa Park had a permanent parcel of land that was reserved in August 1921. The city attorney advised the council to make sure the animals were in the control of the city and not the zoo.

Following the Exposition in 1931, movement began at the zoo. A fence was built around the zoo to prevent it from charging an entrance fee.

Zoo. Nooz started in 1925.

The first You video was "Me at zoo", which was filmed at San Diego Zoo. Tube, uploaded June 13, 1923 by Jawed Karim, Frank Buck was hired by Wegeforth to be the San Diego Zoo's director.

William T. Hornaday , director of the Bronx Zoo , had recommended Buck for the job, but Buck quickly clashed with the strong-willed Wegeforth and left the zoo after three months to return to animal collecting.

Wegeforth appointed Belle Benchley as the zoo’s bookkeeper. This made her effective zoo administrator. The actual title of director was granted to her a few more years later. From 1925 to 1953, she was zoo director.


San Diego Zoo


The zoo offers a guided tour bus that traverses 75% of the park. There is also an overhead gondola lift called the Skyfari, providing an aerial view of the zoo. Built in 1969 by Bern's Von Roll tramway company, the Skyfari provides a panoramic view of San Diego Zoo Skyfari. The zoo often has exhibits that are based on a specific habitat. One exhibit might feature several different species of animals, which can often be seen side-by-side in nature. Exhibits range from an African rain forest gorillas ) to the Arctic taiga tundra in the summertime (featuring polar bears ). Some of the largest free-flight aviaries in existence are here, including the Owens Aviary and the Scripps Aviary. Many of the exhibits can be seen "naturally", using invisible wires or darkened blinds to view birds, as well as accessible pools and open air moats for larger mammals.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is also operated by the Zoo. This park features animals in an open, more spacious setting than the main zoo. Animals can be exchanged frequently between San Diego Zoo as well as other zoos, often in accordance to the Species Survival Plan. California's mild, sunny climate is ideal for many kinds of animals. Apart from a wide range of mammals and reptiles it has an impressive collection, the arboretum preserves its ground with rare plant collections. More than 700,000. exotic plants are included in the botanical collection.

As part of the Zoo's gardening effort, rare animal foods can be grown. To provide bamboo for the pandas while on loan long-term from China, 40 varieties were raised. The San Diego Zoo also has 18 varieties of Eucalyptus trees that it keeps for its Koalas. Keepers as well as most of the employees are Members of Teamsters Union Local 481.

Can You Wear a Mask to The San Diego Zoo

A facial covering is recommended to anyone who uses indoor space according to County of San Diego's guidance. Non-vaccinated guests must use a facial cover when in an indoor area.

Are the San Diego Zoo's Reopened Doors?

San Diego Zoo Safari Park was reopened June 20, 2019. There are often changes in the hours of the zoo, so make sure to check out Safari Park hours or Zoo Hours before you go. This is what you should know… The greatest changes include a reduced capacity as well as limited shows, shopping, and dining opportunities in both parks. Jun 7, 2021

Is La Zoo Or San Diego Zoo Better?

San Diego Zoo is superior thanks mostly to its "other stuff" like the aerial tramway, bus guided tours, and more. However, the advantage it has over Los Angeles Zoo is its wildlife list. March 26, 2021

San Diego Zoo is the World's Best Zoo

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Zoo received the Travelers’ Choice Award, which was made public Wednesday. It was announced Wednesday. In the U.S., the San Diego Zoo ranked ahead of the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and the St. Louis Zoo. June 15, 2015: San Diego Zoo Safari Park came in 10th place.

.San Diego Zoo

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