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Usps Guitar Shipping 2022

Usps Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

USPS is able to provide many useful services even for unusual shipping items like guitars.

USPS Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

Is it possible to safely ship your guitar using USPS?

  • USPS Guitar Shipping In 2022
  • USPS does ship guitars; in fact, the general consensus seems to be that USPS is the best choice for shipping guitars. You have many variables that influence shipping cost, such as the distance of your guitar. But, typically, shipping to USPS 2 day Priority for an average-sized, $1,000 insured guitar costs $65.

  • There are many factors that influence how safe and expensive shipping of a guitar.
  • What’s the Shipping Cost for Guitars With USPS

    Shipping costs with USPS depend on many factors, including shipping weight and dimensions.

  • I calculated that an average guitar is about 12 lbs in weight and approximately 40 inches length.
  • Priority Mail Express 2-day shipping is cheaper than Priority Mail 1-Day shipping. The average price for shipping a guitar will be about $125. Priority Mail 3-day shipping will come in at closer to $55.

    Shipping your guitar with USPS Retail Ground is also possible, although this option takes longer.

    You should always insure expensive packages for shipping. USPS usually charges around $15 per package.

  • It is important to remember that distance of your package will also impact the cost. Shipping to distant areas, or places far from home, may increase the cost.
  • Click here to see the dimensions for different guitars and calculate your personal shipping cost.

    Check out the USPS retail price calculator to get an idea of USPS’s pricing.

    USPS Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

    Which Shipping Services Are Available To Ship a Guitar with USPS?

    Four types of USPS shipping services are available for guitars.

    Priority Mail Express 1 Day is a faster, but more expensive option. Priority Mail Express 1 Day assures you that your package will arrive within 24hrs and will be prioritized over any other package.

    Priority Mail 2-Day shipping offers a cost-effective option, if your goal is to have your guitar in as little time as possible.

    You can also ship a guitar with USPS Retail Ground Shipping. It is cheaper than Priority Mail 2-Day shipping at $10, however it takes a little longer to arrive because the shipping method uses trucks instead of planes.

    Media Mail is your cheapest option for shipping, although there are some restrictions. Also, it takes longer to get out all the packages.

    How can you send a guitar via USPS?

    The first thing you can do to ensure your guitar arrives to its destination safely is to prepare the guitar itself.

    To prevent your guitar strings from breaking due to pressure (or being removed completely if necessary), it is important to loosen them and make sure you secure or remove any moving parts.

    You should protect the fretboard by covering it with padding under the strings. To avoid scrapes, wrap the headstock in bubble wrap, tape or any other type of padding.

    After you have cleaned and prepared your guitar you can put it in either a hard bag or a gig bag.

    A hard case is recommended for shipping guitars as it adds an additional layer of protection.

    It is possible to pack your gig bag or case with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam or bubble wrap. Also, make sure you protect the bottom end of the guitar from the case.

    Additional padding is recommended for the neck, since it’s the most delicate part of the instrument.

    Once you’ve sealed the guitar into the carrying case, do a gentle shake test to see if it moves around inside the case.

  • If it does, that’s a good indication that you should add extra padding!
  • After you have ceased hearing any sound inside your box, you can select the shipping package.

    You should use 200-250 pounds of burst force for an average-sized instrument.

  • After your guitar has been removed from the box, all you need to do is seal it using high-quality packaging tape. Then do a second gentle shake to verify that everything is secured!
  • After all of these steps are completed, you can ship your guitar as you usually would by taking it to your local post office.

    USPS Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

    Is it safe to ship a guitarist with USPS

  • It absolutely is safe to ship a guitar with USPS!
  • According to a number of popular forums for guitars, USPS seems to be the best option for shipping your guitar. It is both safe and affordable.

    You can visit this forum to take a peek at the opinions of others.

    Check out these posts to find out more about USPS delivery.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS shipping is the best way to send guitars.

    USPS Priority Mail 2-Day shipping for guitars typically costs $65 with insurance coverage of $1,000.

    Four shipping options are available when you ship a guitar using USPS. They include Priority Mail Express 1-Day (Priority Mail 2-Day), Ground Retail and Media Mail. All of these services have different prices and arrive times.

    USPS shipping is a great option for guitars. However, USPS shipping can prove to be dangerous. You should pack the guitar properly, using lots of bubble wrap, loosening strings and choosing the right case and shipping box.

    Is it expensive to send a guitar via mail?

    The cost to ship a guitar depends mainly on its shipping weight and destination. If your guitar’s packed in a hardshell case, expect to spend $100 to $150 on shipping within the U.S. You can expect to pay between $100 and $150 for shipping in the U.S. if you have your guitar packed in a hardshell case.

    What’s the Shipping Cost for Guitars?

    Most people agree that shipping a guitar costs between $100 and $150. We’ve found this to be true if you’re opting for one of the courier’s cheaper options (i.e. Shipping options which take longer to ship

    What’S The Cheapest Way To Ship A Guitar?

    The Cheapest Way to Ship a guitar If you want to cut the cost of shipping your guitar, you can try calling your local guitar store and request them to give you an empty box (they’ll give you one if they usually throw them away). You could even ask whether they have a bubble wrap.

    How Much Does Ups Charge To Pack A Guitar?

    UPS Guitar Shipping Cost UPS Ground Shipping starts at $107.78 per guitar. UPS 3 day Select will cost you $261.90. There are no second-day options.

    .Usps Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

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