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15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

Walmart believes in offering the best products and services for every customer, millions upon millions.

  • Walmart has a wide variety of products that attract many shoplifters.
  • You might wonder which are Walmart’s most popular stolen products. These items may surprise you. This is what I found out.
  • 15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart In 2022!
  • 1. Cosmetics
  • Surprisingly, many cosmetics are stolen from Walmart stores, mainly because of their small size.

    Products such as lipsticks and small make-up items can easily be slipped into pockets and bags, without leaving a visible imprint to incriminate.

  • 2. Portable Electronics
  • Due to their perceived worth, electronic items are tempting to steal from shops. Electronics of smaller dimensions are most likely to be stolen. They can also easily hide.

    Walmart stores lock the doors of larger, more expensive electronics. This makes it more difficult for shoplifters to get hold of smaller electronic goods.

  • 3. Packed Meats
  • While it may sound unbelievable, the truth is that it really does happen. Since more than twenty years, shoplifting has included meat theft.

    It is unclear why the item is so popular with shoplifters….

  • 4. Alcohol
  • Again, this generally tends to be the case with more expensive alcohol that comes in smaller containers, making them more inconspicuous when being slipped into a bag or pocket.

  • 5. Zubehör for cell phones
  • You can conceal your cell phone accessories (like chargers and cases) on shoplifters’ person. These cases could even fit right onto your personal device!
  • 6. Baby Formula
  • Although it is not obvious why baby-food formula is so in demand among shoplifters again, I have found that the resale potential for baby formula can be high, so profit could easily be made.
  • 7. Sunglasses
  • It could be because a customer is able to walk right up to glasses and slip one on their face.
  • 8. Blu-rays, DVDs, and Video Games
  • They can be easily carried in your bag or pocket, so they are very lucrative.
  • 9. Razor Blades
  • If you go into Walmart, and other supermarkets, razor blades may be locked.

  • Because they are a popular item with shoplifters, this is why!
  • 10. Over The Counter Drugs
  • This is largely due to the difficulties involved in getting them.
  • Due to their difficulty of accessing in-store, the cost for over-the counter drugs will be higher elsewhere.

  • 11. Cigarettes
  • Again, these need to be picked up over the counter, and cannot be sold to people below the age of 21, thus will fetch a decent price outside of the store!
  • 12. Jewellery
  • It can be concealed in your pockets or bag and you will get a huge amount of money outside.

  • 13. Sporting Goods
  • Because sporting goods are often very expensive, the temptation to steal them might be tempting.

  • 14. Jeans
  • Shoplifters have been fondly familiar with jeans, which were once stolen from change rooms. They still remain popular to this very day!
  • 15. Swimsuits
  • They can be easily hidden in pockets and bags, which makes them very easy to take.

    15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’d Never Guess It)

    How do you determine which Walmart store is most likely to be shoplifted?

  • This is, however, not the greatest award any store can receive. Unfortunately, the title has been displayed in many Walmart stores around the US.
  • There is no clearly defined ‘most shoplifted’, but locations that are heavily shoplifted include stores in Westwood Cincinnati, and Mankato Minnesota’s Walmart holds the title of the most shoplifted store in that area!
  • To learn more, you can also learn how Walmart tracks shoplifters and if Walmart presses charges when they catch shoplifters.

  • You can also check my post regarding the best-sellers at Walmart.
  • Conclusion
  • Walmart stores are robbed of many items every day. These are often smaller items which can be hidden easily and go unpaid.
  • .15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

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