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How To Order A Medicine Ball On Starbucks App?

How To Order A Medicine Ball On Starbucks App? (+ Faqs)

Starbucks loves not only their coffee, but also the product line, which includes merchandise, food, and remedies to seasonal illnesses. Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea, which is also called the Medicine Ball by many customers, can soothe bad sore throats or colds.

  • While you can ask the baristas at the store to make you one, do you know how to order a Medicine Ball on the Starbucks app? You can read on to find out!
  • How To Order a Medicine Ball On Starbucks App? (+ FAQs)

    How to order the Medicine Ball via the Starbucks App for 2022

    Ordering the Medicine Ball via the Starbucks App requires that you look at the official name. This is the Honey Citrus Mint Tea. This tea contains peach green tea, steeped using hot water mixed with steamed limeade. Each size will require 2-5 pumps of honey.

  • If you have more questions about the Medicine Ball, such as ingredients, nutritional values, and recipes you can make at home, read on to find the answers below!
  • What’s a Medicine Ball called in the Starbucks App

    If you look for the Medicine Ball in Starbucks’ app, it will be under Honey Citrus Mint Tea.

    The Medicine Ball was originally a customer-created product with customized herbal tea base. But it quickly became so beloved via Instagram that the item was added permanently to the menu.

    The Honey Citrus Mint Tea, formerly known as The Medicine Ball in Starbucks’ menus, was renamed recently.

    Starbucks employees will however be familiar with its original name. They’ll also know what beverage you request if it is The Medicine Ball.

    How To Order a Medicine Ball On Starbucks App? (+ FAQs)

    What about ordering a medicineball on the Starbucks App

    It’s not fun to queue up at Starbucks when you’re under the weather. The good news about the Starbucks app is that it allows you to order from anywhere on your phone.

    It happens that people in genuine need of Medicine Balls have difficulty ordering one in Starbucks App because they do not see the option on the menu.

    However, once you know the official name, it’s easy to order a Medicine Ball, either in-store or on the Starbucks mobile app.

    It can be found under Hot Teas, Green Teas on Starbucks’ menu. You can pick the Honey Citrus Mint Tea, choose various customization options like extra honey or lemonade, or a dash of peppermint flavor, and you’re good to go.

    You can also ask the driver-thru for the item by name, meaning you won’t even have to visit the store.

    What are the Ingredients of a Medicine Ball?

    A combination of soothing AND delicious is the Medicine Ball. One bag each Jade Citrus Mint green Tea and PeachTranquility herbal Tea, plus equal parts of hot water and steamed Lemonade. 2-5 pumps honey, depending upon size.

    Here’s the full list of healing ingredients you’ll find in a Medicine Ball:

  • Lemonade
  • Infusions of organic green tea and organic spearmint.
  • A combination of peach pieces (or candied pineapple bits), rosehip peels, peach pieces or chamomile flowers and lemon verbena (peach tee)
  • Honey syrup with honey blend
  • People who have a cold or other health issues will love the Medicine Ball. This drink contains honey and vitamin C as well as all necessary fluids.

    How To Order a Medicine Ball On Starbucks App? (+ FAQs)

    What are the Calories in a Medicine Ball?

    Honey Citrus Mint Tea has only 130 calories per 16 oz serving, which is quite healthy for a healthy beverage.

    The following is an exhaustive list of nutrition values for 16 ounces/large sized drinks:

  • Calories: 130
  • Calories From Fat
  • Total Fat: Zero g
  • Saturated Fat – 0 g
  • Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: Zero mg
  • Sodium is 10 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 32 g
  • Dietary fiber: 0. g
  • Sugar: 30 g
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Caffeine: 16 mg
  • Even though a Medicine Ball is low in calories compared to other Starbucks drinks, it may still have too much sugar. Some nutritionists believe that honey’s sugar content is more beneficial than the health benefits from green or peach teas.

    You may request less honey if the desired amount of sugar is not being met.

    What is the best place to find a recipe for a Starbucks medicine ball?

    For those times when you’re not feeling well enough to go out to the store even to pick up a Medicine Ball, you can easily make one at home by acquiring the Starbucks recipe.

    You’ll be able to find numerous Starbucks Medicine Ball-inspired recipes online.

    Only a few ingredients are required. Many of these items may be already in your kitchen pantry.

  • Starbucks also has boxes of Jade Citrus Mint & PeachTranquility teas that you can buy to replicate the recipe more precisely.
  • To know more about Starbucks, you can also read our posts on whether or not you can buy Starbucks syrup, the most popular Starbucks drinks, and how do Starbucks rewards work.

  • Conclusion
  • You will be able to easily order the Medicine Ball via the Starbucks mobile app once you’ve found the correct name. You can look for the Honey Citrus Mint Tea under Green Teas in the Hot Teas section of the Starbucks menu and add extra customizations.

    How Do You Order Medicine Balls On Starbucks App?

    If you want to order the Medicine Ball from Starbucks, make sure that the name is listed under Hot Teas. This beverage is made from peach green tea, which has been steeped and mixed with hot water.

    What is the best way to order a Starbucks Iced Medicine Ball

    Your barista may not know the name of it, so you can either ask her to write down its ingredients, or offer a Honey Citrus Mint Tea. (Yes, that’s correct! The Medicine Ball is now on the official Starbucks menu. You can also place an order for a Honey Citrus Mint Tea in the Starbucks app and swing by to pick it up!Dec 13, 2021

    Starbucks, can I just say medicine ball?

    Originaly a “secret” off-menu coffee, this drink was eventually added to Starbucks’ menu. The drink’s popularity has risen. It will be available for purchase now. You’ll have to request honey lemon mint tea. However, most baristas are still familiar with it as the Medicine Ball. January 8, 2020

    .How To Order A Medicine Ball On Starbucks App? (+ Faqs)

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