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When Is Starbucks Happy Hour

When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common Faqs)

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Starbucks’ Happy Hour is a popular part of its Rewards loyalty program. Member who purchase a Grande-sized drink can earn another BOGO (Buy One get One).

  • You may be wondering what Starbucks Happy Hour looks like and how to claim your complimentary drink. Read on for all the answers!
  • When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common FAQs)

    How Soon Will Starbucks Have Happy Hour?

    Starbucks Happy Hour runs every four weeks on Thursdays, between 2-7 p.m. starting in 2022. Rewards members are sent alerts in the Starbucks mobile app about the date of the next Happy Hour. The Starbucks Happy Hour coupons can be added automatically to your mobile application.

  • You can read on to find out more about Starbucks Happy Hour.
  • How do I know when the next Starbucks Happy Hour is?

    Every few weeks, Happy Hour is held. Rewards members receive notifications via email and SMS as well as the Starbucks mobile app.

    To find the time and location of the next Happy Hour, download the Starbucks app on your mobile device. Create an account.

    Then, you can start receiving alerts about Happy Hour and other Starbucks promotions.

    However, make sure you remember to enable push notifications within the app so you can receive alerts about the next Happy Hour.

    Also, the Starbucks mobile app is the best way to redeem the Reward, as your Happy Hour coupons will be added automatically to your account in the mobile app.

    You can subscribe to email notifications from Starbucks. However, the app provides more comprehensive functionality.

    When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common FAQs)

    What Does Starbucks’ Happy Hour Offer?

    Starbucks Happy Hour is very popular because they offer BOGO on qualified drinks.

    So, customers who buy drinks in the Grande or bigger size get a second or equal-sized drink at no additional cost.

    BOGO is also available for most Starbucks drinks. This makes it one of the top-rated programs.

    Starbucks introduced the Frappuccino to Happy Hour back in 2010, and it’s been an eagerly awaited promotion.

    Are there any Starbucks beverages I can order during Happy Hour?

    Unfortunately, Happy Hour has some limitations on the beverages that are eligible for the BOGO deal.

    A customer can order a Handcrafted drink up to a Grande, and they will receive a second one of equal value or lesser.

  • The handcrafted cocktails are now included.
  • Espresso-based beverages
  • Frappuccinos
  • Mixed drinks
  • Seasonal drinks
  • Iced teas
  • Iced coffee
  • Nitro
  • BOGO is also available for seasonal or holiday drinks

    When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common FAQs)

    Is there any drink that is not included in the Happy Hour BOGO offer?

    Starbucks Happy Hour Promotion excludes certain drinks

    You cannot get the deal on hot brewed coffee, hot drinks, water, juice, alcohol or Starbucks Reserve drinks.

    Do All Starbucks Stores Participate In Happy Hour?

    Unfortunately not all Starbucks stores offer Happy Hour. To find the closest Happy Hour location, use the app’s Store Locator feature.

    There are no Happy Hours for Starbucks-licensed retailers and kiosks at supermarkets, airports, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other retail outlets.

    When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common FAQs)

    Starbucks Happy Hour: The Afternoon!

    Starbucks Happy Hour is on select Thursday afternoons from 2 to 7 pm because the timings attract a new crowd of coffee drinkers in need of an afternoon pick-me-up.

    Starbucks is a favorite place to get a cup of coffee every morning for many people. Starbucks did however plan Happy Hour for afternoons to try and attract new customers.

    How Can I Redeem My BOGO Coupons For Drinks?

    The app does everything for you once you download the Starbucks app mobile and create your account.

    You will receive an alert telling you when Happy Hour is coming up. It also adds Happy Hour coupons automatically to your account.

    Then, when you place Your Happy Hour order, the coupon is automatically applied from your account in the Starbucks mobile app.

    Customer should also be aware that BOGO coupons are limited to one per Happy Hour.

    There is no limit on the amount of qualified drinks that you can order using one coupon. As long as all criteria are met, all eligible beverages will be BOGO.

    When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common FAQs)

    Can I Participate In Happy Hour Even If I’m Not A Rewards Member?

    Starbucks Rewards Program customers can join on-the spot if they are interested in participating in the Happy Hour program.

    After that you will be able to download Starbucks’ mobile app and join Rewards.

    If your Happy Hour coupon doesn’t show up right away, try signing out of your account and relaunching the app.

    After refreshing the app the Happy Hour cards should appear on your screen. Once it does, you will be able to click on them to claim your BOGO.

    What Other Promotions Does Starbucks Offer?

    Starbucks Rewards Members can get Stars that can be used to redeem for food and drinks as well as merchandise.

    This allows you to redeem Stars any time. They expire after six month.

    National Coffee Day is September 29th, every year. Customers will be able to get a complimentary cup of coffee in participating stores.

    You can read more about Starbucks by reading our posts regarding the Starbucks birthday offer, whether Starbucks refreshers contain caffeine and if Starbucks contains boba.

  • Conclusion
  • Starbucks Happy Hour runs at specific stores from 2-7pm on selected Thursdays.

    Rewards members will be notified via mobile app alerts about the next Happy Hour date.

  • Starbucks has had to discontinue Happy Hour due to coronavirus in 2020. The company plans to restart the program shortly!
  • Is There a Next Starbucks Happy Hour Coming Up?

    The Happy Hour will be updated. Select Thursdays at participating Starbucks stores offer free Starbucks beverages (size grande and larger).

    Starbucks Offer: Buy One Get One Every Day


    Starbucks Hasn’t Created Happy Hour.

    Dec 15, 2020

    Is Starbucks Doing Buy One Get One Free?

    Saturday, February 19, 20,22

    .When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022? (+Other Common Faqs)

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