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Best Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking Milling Bar Size 14 Inches To 36 Inches

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking Milling Bar Size 14 Inches to 36 Inches
The Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking Milling Bar Size 14 Inches to 36 Inches High Quality Steel and Aluminum Construction Cut Cedar, Walnut and Oak into High Quality Lumber High-Quality Mill Cuts Beams or Lumber from 0.5“ ”To 13“ Thick and 36” Wide Attaches to saw without drilling bar Lower price is a chainsaw mill that is specifically designed for the job of milling lumber. This chainsaw mill is made from high-quality steel and aluminum and attaches to the saw without any drilling. This chainsaw mill can mill beams or lumber from .5” to 13“ thick and 36” wide. This chainsaw mill is a great option for anyone looking for a chainsaw mill that is easy to use and can handle a variety of lumber types.
  • High Quality Steel And Aluminum Construction
  • Cut Cedar Walnut And Oak Into High Quality Lumber
  • High-Quality Mill Cuts Beams Or Lumber From 0.5“ ”To 13“ Thick And 36” Wide
  • Attaches To Saw Without Drilling Bar
  • Lower Price

Looking for a chainsaw mill that can handle any size lumber? Look no further than Carmyra’s Portable Chainsaw Mill! This mill can handle lumber up to 36 inches high and wide, making it perfect for cutting beams or lumber from 0.5 inches to 13 inches thick. Plus, it attaches to a saw without drilling, making it easier and faster to get the job done. Finally, Carmyra’s Portable Chainsaw Mill is lower in price than most chainsaw mills on the market, making it a great value for your money.

Hvue Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Guide Saw Steel Timber Chainsaw Attachment Cut Guided Mill Wood For Builders And Woodworkers

HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Guide Saw Steel Timber Chainsaw Attachment Cut Guided Mill Wood for Builders and Woodworkers
【Suitable for】- This chainsaw mill is suitable for chainsaws with a bar width of 8-10 mm 【Specification】- Bar width: 8-10 mm 【Weight】- Approx. 340 g 【Package Contents】- 1 x Lumber Cutting Guide 【Why Buy From Us】- At ChainSawPro, we are passionate about providing the best chainsaw mills on the market. Our vertical chainsaw mill is made of high quality steel and comes with aluminum construction, making it easy to use. With a cutting method that is vertical, this chainsaw mill is perfect for cutting cedar, walnut and oak into good lumber. Additionally, our chainsaw mill is suitable for chainsaws with a bar width of 8-10 mm. Finally, our ChainsawPro team offers a lifetime warranty service on all of our products.
  • 🌲【Premium Material】- The Upgrade Vertical Chainsaw Mill Is Made Of High Quality Steel And Comes With Aluminum Construction
  • 🌲【Cutting Method】- Different From Other Chainsaw Mill The Cutting Method Of This Chainsaw Mill Is Vertical Cutting
  • 🌲【Easy To Use】- Mini Size And Easy To Install. The Chainsaw Mill Attaches To Saw Without Drilling Bar
  • 🌲【Wide Application】- You Can Easily Cut Cedar Walnut And Oak Into Good Lumber With This Chainsaw Mill Guide Perfect For Builders And Woodworkers
  • 🌲【What You Get】- 1 X Lumber Cutting Guide 1 X Screwdriver 3 X Wrench 1 X Storage Bag Lifetime Warranty Service

The HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Guide Saw Steel Timber Chainsaw Attachment Cut Guided Mill Wood is perfect for builders and woodworkers who want to easily cut cedar, walnut and oak into good lumber. This chainsaw mill attaches to a saw without drilling, making it easy to use.

Best Chainsaw Mill

Best Chainsaw Mill

Compatibility of Chainsaws

Compatibility with chainsaw mills can be viewed in two different ways. One is in terms of the power required or whether it will work with a certain make and model of chainsaw.

You need to have considerable power when cutting planks by a chainsaw. Even though some cordless chainsaws have comparable capabilities for cutting logs or tree branches, milling consumes a lot of power and quickly drains the battery. The challenge with even the best corded electric chainsaws is overheating. Overheating can cause damage to the saws, which makes it impractical to use for milling.

This leaves only gas-powered chainssaws as an option. When describing compatibility with a chainsaw, chainsaw mill manufacturers often describe their tools as fitting “most types of chainsaw.” However, restrictions exist in bar length, so a minimum engine displacement (cc) is suggested. Some chainssaws have a clamp, while others need the bar to be attached. However, only a handful of mills require that the bar is drilled.

Ease Of Use

While smaller chainsaw mills are often ready for use right from the box, larger ones will need to be assembled. While hardware will always be included and may include tools, it is possible that the user may have to pick up a few wrenches. These are not complicated devices, but the quality of their instructions does vary.

The majority of chainsaw mills are capable of clamping the chainsaw bar, as mentioned. Some require drilling, which entails extra work. Many options are available that do not require drilling.

The two main types of chainsaw mills that are used for cutting logs include edging and horizontal. Edging mills must be run on a board mounted to the log, and they’re generally used for squaring up logs for building purposes rather than for cutting multiple planks. Horizontal Mills place on top the log and make consistent plank thicknesses. The adjustment of the log is often simple using a couple bolts.

Best Chainsaw Mill

Check out our Top Picks

Let’s now apply this information to the top chainsaw mills available. You can read on to find out more about these top-rated chainsaw machines.

GRANBERG Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill – (36″) amazon . com Check Latest Price The Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV takes top honors for its build quality, ease of use, and versatile capacity.

The sturdy construction combines heavy-duty zinc-plated steel and aluminum. Assembly takes only 30 minutes. However, adjustments and clamping can be performed quickly due to clearly marked depths. At only 20 pounds, it’s portable too.

Granberg Alaskan marks-IV can handle a maximum 36-inch saw. Manufacturers recommend a motor power of 70cc. It can take smaller chainsaws, but if working with a smaller chainsaw, consider a lower-cost mill: The Granberg isn’t cheap. To cut the maximum cutting length, the clamp is 3-4 inches long. The cut limit is 16 inches if you are using a 20-inch length bar.

Product Specs

Bar width: 20 inches to 36 inches

Capacity for cutting: 1/2-to-13 inches thick. Maximum 32 inches wide

Weight: 20 pounds


Top-quality tool produced in the United States

The 7

Chainsaw Compatibility

“>Best Chainsaw Mill
s Of 2021

Our editors test and independently recommend only the most effective products. Read more to learn about how our editors do this. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Chloe Jeong and the Spruce: If you ever saw a dead tree, it is likely that you wished there was a way to easily (and cheaply) cut it into lumber. Chainsaw mills, also called Alaskan sawmills, are designed for just this purpose. The portable design of these devices allows you to quickly transport a chainsaw from a fallen tree.

When shopping for a chainsaw mill, you’ll need to take into account the length of your chainsaw bar, as this will determine what size chainsaw mill you need. You should also ensure that the chainsaw has a ripping knife, which is a chain specially made to cut parallel to wood grain. A chainsaw mill’s cutting capacity is a measure of how much wood it can cut. A chainsaw mill that can make large, deep cuts is essential if you regularly work with logs.

Here, the best chainsaw mills on the market.

Amazon’s Top Choices: Timber Tuff 24-Inch Portable Saw Mill

Timber Tuff TMW56 Lumber Cutting Guide on Amazon

This economical purchase offers a cheaper and more effective option than a regular chainsaw machine.

Granberg Alaskan 36 inch Chainsaw Mill at Amazon

This small-sized chainsaw mill is capable of cutting lumber up to 36 in.

GRANBERG MK-IV G778-72 Alaskan Chainsaw Mill at Granberg.com

Chainsaw Mills That Make Money: Best Chainsaw Mills – 2021 (Buying Guide).

Granberg ChainSaw Mill G777, if you need to quickly find out the best choice in chainsaw machines, is our recommendation.

For those that have extra wood in their yard, there is an easy way to turn it into usable lumber. The chainsaw mill turns your yard into your very own lumber yard instead of being paid by someone else. Created to saw through a large piece of wood, this portable tool can leave you with lots of usable cuts of lumber. A chainsaw mill, even though it’s tedious and time-consuming to use, can make excellent lumber cuts. It can also save you money on a Bandsaw. When searching for the chainsaw mill reviews in 2021 to suit your needs, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Chainsaws must be sturdy and strong. They should also be heavy enough to cut through any trees in the yard. Also, you want it to be lightweight and portable so as to reduce safety hazards when using an open-bladed saw.

The last thing you should do is find the most cost-effective chainsaw mills that are compatible with your type of chainsaw. We have compiled a list of the most highly rated chainssaw mills, as well as some chainsaw review articles to assist you in your shopping.

Best Chainsaw Mill

Best versatile chainsaw mill

Timber Tuff TMS-24 24 Saw Mill. This sawmill has a very simple design that attaches to the cutting board.



This is Why We Love It: Timber Tuff TMS-24” Saw Mill, 24” Saw Mill has a wide range of plank cutting capabilities. Planks can be cut between.2″, and 11.8″. You can use this variable width to cut wood for almost all purposes without needing to move or change the mills.

Timber Tuff Mill weighs in at under 14 pounds. The mill attaches directly with the chainsaw to provide the most connectivity and ease-of-use. You can use the mill to make your logs exactly as thick or thinned as you need. This could be the best option for anyone who needs to cut wood to a certain width.

The right person to buy this mill is someone who needs a machine that cuts exact sizes and can create wood that meets their requirements.

The 10 Best Chainsaw Mills for 2021. Our Review

1. Alaskan Mark-IV 36” Chainsaw Mill – Best Overall Check Latest Price Chainsaw mills are sometimes called Alaskan mills because it’s in that rough, wild country where these things first caught on. The Alaskan Mark-IV 36” Chainsaw Mill is our Top Pick. You’ll find everything that you need in a Mark-IV chainsaw mill.

They are easy to set up. It takes less than 30 minutes to go from out of the box to making lumber. They are practically indestructible and provide a stable base from which to cut. This allows you to produce consistent straight and exact lumber.

Also, the Alaskan Mark-IV was our favorite chainsaw machine. The price isn’t even close. The results will determine if you live or die. It is possible to find cheaper alternatives, if that’s all you can take.



Installation is simple



2. Best Value. Price Check. Granberg’s G777 Chainsaw Mill was the best of all our reviewed chainsaw models. It is very efficient and offers great value. If you’re looking to get great results without paying what you would for our Top Pick, this is probably your next stop.

You can give the G777 a good licking. It’s easy to put together. You can put it through a lot of abuse, as long your motor doesn’t go out. This saw is unrivaled when used in conjunction with larger chainsaws.

Best Chainsaw Mill


It’s possible to make your basic tools more flexible with chainsaws. That’s important if you live in the backcountry where hauling in a lot of different kinds of tools will be a giant hassle. This chainsaw mill should be sturdy, strong enough to take punishment and makes quality cuts. We were impressed with the Alaska Mk-IV Chainsaw Mill’s ability to deliver on everything. It also happened to be the most expensive mill we looked at. Granberg Chain Saw Mill Model #G777 was our favorite if budget is a concern. This model is not as durable as our top choice, but offers value for money and good performance.

This buyers guide will help you to combine the knowledge you have gained from these reviews. The purchase of a chainsaw is an essential investment. It’s vital to do it correctly.

Featured Image Credit By: Imony Portable Chainsaw Mill, Amazon

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Granberg is the only company that makes the top chainsaws. The G777 wins the favor, with unanimous praise from both experts and users.

This mill for aluminum and steel is very easy to set up.

Additionally, the cover is designed to keep you safe from flying debris and sawdust. That’s a good thing considering how much sawdust can be produced by a chainsaw mill when it’s used!

Granberg is known worldwide for its quality chainsaws and meticulous attention to detail.

They take care of your safety while also providing the highest quality performance for their mills.

The compact size makes it lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport wherever you want to cut lumber.

Learn more

The Best Value

Best Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G778 Mark-Iv Alaskan

There are two Granberg options, so it’s hard to decide between them. The G778 Mark IV was chosen because it is able to hold larger bars of up to 36.2 inches.

Although we know that not everybody will be able to have such a long blade, it is still the best option.

All Granberg products are covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning you are set for the rest of your life! The Granberg product does not need a drilling bar, which makes it very easy to install.

It also features a mixture steel-aerobic aluminum construction, making it stronger and lighter than many comparable competitors.

It is ideal for cutting larger pieces of lumber. Despite its bigger footprint and heavier weight, it is easy to transport compared with other mills.

It is the most expensive chainsaw mill you will ever buy.


The Best Price

Popsport Chainsaw Mill

This mill is made from a mixture of aluminum and steel, making it the best option in the price range for budget-friendly chainsaw mills.

This device offers height and width adjustments, is light and simple to use.

The MAXI is a great budget option for chainsaws.

It still reduces vibrations and does not require a drilling bar for assembly, making this an excellent choice for cutting your lumber.

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Best Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill, Best Overall

Unanimously top 1 spot in multiple reviews Versatile cutting depths Lifetime warranty First up on our list is the Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill. This is the product that has garnered the greatest overall score from chainsaw mill reviewers.

Granberg, which is an American company well-respected for their high quality products, is a strongweight in the chainsaw manufacturing industry. They are so certain of the quality of their products that every product is covered with a life-time warranty.

This G777 is compatible with any chainsaw that has a length bar of 16- to 20 inches.

The attachment assembly on this model is one of its advantages. This allows it to be attached with different chainsaws easily without the need to drill a hole.

With the ability to horizontally cut lumber or beams from 1/2 inches to 14 inches thick and 17 inches wide, this chainsaw mill is one of the most versatile chainsaw mills on this list.

Is Chainsaw Milling Worth It?

As long as your bar will reach across the log then you can cut it into lumber. Chainsaw mills are great for making large slabs of lumber from big trees. You might use this saw to create tables that are only one slab high, or if you want to cut large blocks from trees.

What Are Some Things I Should Look for In A Chainsaw Mill

Look at the cutter’s cut capacity. This will tell you how much log it can take on, and also its maximum cutting depth. Nov 29, 2021

How Big Of A Chainsaw Do I Need For An Alaskan Mill?

To attach to a Alaskan-made mill, you will need at least 3″ extra on the end of your bar. If you are working with smaller logs or other softwoods, I suggest a saw of at least 60cc. A minimum of 90cc would be best though.Jan 17, 2021

.Best Chainsaw Mill
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