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Best Kids Metal Detector

Kentoktool Metal Detector For Adults & Kids, Adjustable Stem Professional Metal Detector With Lcd Display, Pinpoint & Disc & All Metal 3 Modes, 8″ Waterproof Search Coil 10″ Depth For Treasure Hunting

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Looking for a metal detector that is both kid- and adult-friendly? Look no further than the Kentoktoool metal detector! This detector is adjustable for different sensitivity levels, has a 10-inch detection depth, and comes with a carrying bag, headphone, and user manual.

Rm Ricomax Metal Detector For Kids – 7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24″-35″) Adjustable Metal Detector For Junior & Youth With High Accuracy – Yellow

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The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids is perfect for kids who love to explore the outdoors. The waterproof coil allows kids to find treasure anywhere, and the adjustable height makes it easy for kids to find what they’re looking for. The lightweight and foldable stem makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the high accuracy ensures that you’ll be finding treasure every time.

Ommo Metal Detector For Adults & Kids, Advanced Dsp Chip 10″ Coil Metal Detectors, Lcd Display Gold Detector For Jewelry & Coin & Treasures Hunting

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Looking for a metal detector that can handle anything? Look no further than OMMO! Our advanced DSP chip makes it easy to find anything from coins to jewelry, and our LCD display makes it easy to understand what you’re detecting. Plus, our waterproof search coil ensures you can find anything wet!

Metal Detector For Adults & Kids, Epoium Adjustable Lightweight Metal Detectors For Easy Travel, Lcd Display With Back-Light, Gold And Silver Detector Ip68 Waterproof Great For Treasure Hunting

Metal Detector for Adults & Kids, Epoium Adjustable Lightweight Metal Detectors for Easy Travel, LCD Display with Back-Light, Gold and Silver Detector IP68 Waterproof Great for Treasure Hunting
Epoium is an adjustable lightweight metal detector that detects at a depth of 8″. It has 4 different metal detection modes to detect at a depth of 8′. It has an ergonomic handle design, an arm support, and a carry bag. It is compatible with kids, teens, and adults. It is waterproof and durable.
  • 4 Modes Of Operation–Epoium Gold Metal Detector Has 4 Different Metal Detection Modes To Detect At A Depth Of 8. ①All Metal 6 Kinds Of Targets Can Be Detected. ②Disc Allows You Ignore Unwanted Targets By Setting The Numeric Range. ③Notch Allows You Ignore Any Unwanted Objects. ④Pinpoint Helps Locate The Target More Accurate.
  • Accurate&Efficient—The Disc And Notch Modes Help You Ignore Metals Youre Not Interested In Improving Your Prospects Of Finding Whats Valuable. Making It A Little Less Frustrating While Still Maximizing The Fun.
  • Waterproof&Durable—Upgraded Ip68 Waterproof Technology For Detecting On Beaches Riversides Or Wet Areas. With A Good Weather Resistance And Durability Epoium Waterproof Metal Detector Helps You Enjoy Your Hobby In The Rain Sleet Or Snow Any Time Of Year.
  • Comfortable&Lightweight—Extremely Lightweight At Just 2.3 Pounds. Ergonomic Handle Design Makes It Perfect For All-Day Use. The Arm Support Offers Enhanced Comfort. Reduce Fatigue While Out Hunting For Treasure.
  • Compatibility&Portable—Features An Adjustable Aluminum Stem To Cater To Both Kids Teens And Adults. Equipped With An Carry Bag Makes It Perfect For Carrying It Anywhere With Little To No Hassle Adding More Fun To Your Trip.
  • Great Gift—Most People Are Curious And Interested In The World Especially For Kids. Epoium Metal Detector Is A Superb Gift To Help To Satisfy Their Desires To Explore The World.

Looking for a metal detector that is both easy to use and durable? Look no further than the Epoium adjustable lightweight metal detector! This detector is perfect for anyone, regardless of experience level, and is equipped with a LCD display and back-light for easy viewing in low-light conditions. Additionally, it has 4 different metal detection modes to choose from, including gold and silver detection. Whether you’re treasure hunting on your own or giving the gift of discovery to someone special, the Epoium metal detector is the perfect choice.

Pancky Metal Detector For Kids, Junior Metal Detector With Lcd Display,Adjustable Stem And Carrying Bag,Lightweight Gold Detectors Advanced Dsp Chip 7.5″ Waterproof Coil – Pk1003

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The PANCKY Junior Metal Detector is perfect for kids who love to explore the world around them. With a lightweight design and adjustable height, this detector is perfect for anyone. The upgraded DSP chip makes it easier to detect smaller objects, making it a great choice for treasure hunting fun.

Best Kids Metal Detector

best kids metal detector

Find Treasure with the Best Metal Detectors for Children

Children and adults alike love going to the beaches. You can feel the breeze, the waves and the sun while you play. The thrill of finding treasure can be evoked by nothing more than the excitement that comes with exploring the coast or parks.

To keep your children happy and engaged outdoors, use a metal detector. Enjoy the thrill of the unknown. When you’re looking for gold, coins or anything else, it is hard to know what you may find.

Most metal detectors can be used with minimal effort, even if they are not the one we’re looking at. It is a fun past time and can turn into a hobby of a lifetime. Professional-grade metal detectors can be quite expensive, but that doesn’t have to stop you and kids from getting started with a reasonably priced unit to enjoy time outside in the pursuit of riches.

So let’s get right to it. Our pick for the Best Metal Detectors For Children is The RM RICOMAX 7 Inch Metal Detector. The full review can be found below. Amazon can also be viewed here. This article reviews five great options for young people, including those who are just starting out. The models have adjustable features that allow them to be used by adults as well as your child.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC JUNIOR METAL DETECTOR This detector is one of the most well-respected on the market. This detector has been created by Minelab, which is significant, as they are pretty much known as kings in the field of metal detection! We can show you what we’re talking bout if your do a little research online. They often pop up in the top product lists, and so it is no surprise to see them make an appearance here.

You don’t have to pay a lot more for quality products, then this is the right child’s detector.

With the search coil measuring 10 by 10, the depth of the soil will be 12 inches. It is much smaller than the adult version. Because it weighs only 2.3 pounds, this makes it easier for children with smaller arms. An arm strap comes standard with the product, which is an absolute must if you want to provide a metal detector solution for your child.

It is small and lightweight, but it packs an impressive punch. Plus, the metal detector is telescopic, going from 22 inches to 51 inches. The metal detector will expand with your child’s growth, meaning you won’t be spending money to get a bigger one in the future.

It doesn’t end here, however. This metal detector is easy to use. It boasts easy-to-control discrimination that allows trash to be easily filtered. The metal detector has an all-metal, non-alluminium, and no-iron modes. The LCD screen is also very easy to use and understand.

FIND BURIED TREASURE – The 7.5″ waterproof dual coil has adjustable sensitivity to help avoid false positives. For small objects and coins, the detector can beep or flash an LED light to indicate that it has located metal. It also detects up to six inches of metal.

GREAT FOR KIDS – Telescoping arms allow for length adjustments, while the metal detector’s arm strap and comfort grip are easy to use by children of all sizes. It makes an excellent outdoor gift!

best kids metal detector

The Best Kids Metal Detectors: Kids Metal Detector Buying Guide

By Michael Bernzweig Table of Contents Product Details and Features to Look For Our Top Picks Best Metal Detectors for Kids Ages 4 and up Best Metal Detectors for Kids under 10 Years Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $100 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $150 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $200 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $250 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $300 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $400 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $450 Best Kids Metal Detector For Under $500 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) So the child in your life wants to find buried treasure? We are often asked to recommend the best hobby metal detectors for kids. You can help your child choose the perfect unit by taking into account their age, attention level, and size. Below is a revised article that will help you choose the right metal detector for your child. We have compiled a list of our top picks in metal detectors. This will help you to choose a high-quality child’s detector.

View Details and Other Features

5. Operational Frequency

The device’s ability to detect gold and other high conductor metallics is enhanced if the frequency is higher. Lower frequencies are better at finding iron, brass, and silver targets. All models in this listing have a range of conductivity levels that are suitable for a variety of targets and conditions.

It’s the perfect gift: a metal detector. It is a hobby that both children and adults can share. The hobby is both fun and educational. This hobby is a wonderful way to learn about national and local history, as well as discover new places and sites. This hobby offers so many benefits for all age groups, including children, seniors and retirees. Here are some top tips to get your child started with this hobby.

Over a dozen different manufacturers have been tested by our test team, and we spent over 100 hours reviewing them all. This list is now down to only the most effective units within each price bracket. They are all high quality products that will provide many years of enjoyment and fun. A child’s metal detector is the perfect COVID friendly outdoor activity for young backyard enthusiasts of all ages.

You can choose the model that suits you best and start your treasure hunting in the dirt! Each of the detectors can be used by teens, teenagers, and adults. They are affordable, easy to use, and feature a lot. Although these units are smaller than the Nokta Makro Mini (or Midi Hoard), they’re not as compact.

Nokta Makro Mini Haul Cool Kit for Children 4-8 Years Old Bounty hunters Gold Nokta Makro Singlex+ WHP With Wireless Headset Bounty Hudson Platinum Ace 400 Garrett Ace Apex Wireless Headphone Pack Best Metal Detectors For Kids 4-8 years of Age Nokta Makro Mini Hover Cool Kit for Children 4-8 Years. Below are our top choices for older children. We recommend that your child start with the Nokta Makro Mini Household if they are small. This model is truly child-sized, and not suitable for larger children.

Nokta Makro MIDI Haul (Under 10 Years) The Best Metal Detector for Kids Under $100. While there are many cheap metal detectors on the Internet, they tend to be of poor quality and poorly built. All of the units that we offer are of professional quality and built to quality standards. Even though the cheaper units aren’t as feature-rich as those on the top priced models, it is worth saving for something else or looking into other hobbies.

Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Cool Kit

best kids metal detector

1. National Geographic Pro Series

FIND BURNED TREASURE – Enjoy the joy of discovery as you find cool treasure such as gold, coins and jewelry using the Pro Detector’s advanced technology and powerful search features. This is a great outdoor gift idea for treasure hunters!

The Minelab Pro Series metal detector is a good alternative to the Nat Geo. It’s probably the best metal detector for kids in the market, and with a price tag this low from the revered brand, it should be a done deal.

No assembly required Volume adjustment Adjustable sensitivity Preset modes Pinpoint Fixed notching The Nat Geo Pro metal detector is as easy as it gets with real features for the older child. You only need to turn it on and go. The detector doesn’t come with a numeric target ID but does include four category icons. Iron icons cover the Target ID range of iron objects, horses, and nails. The Aluminum icon can be used to cover tin foil or low conductivity coins such nickels. Rings include jewelry and pull-tabs. Coin icons are for gold and silver coins.

There are three pre-set modes that can be set to have specific notching patterns. The first mode is basically All Metal with no discrimination. The Iron icon is removed from the second and third modes, respectively. An audio tone is associated with each icon. The low-toned iron, aluminum, and coin icons are characterized by a moderate tone.

Additional features that make this device stand out among other kids’ detectors include the volume adjustment, pinpoint function, and volume control. Headphones can either be connected to the 1/8″ audio jack via the headphones or you may adjust the volume by using the speaker found at the bottom of the control panel.

The entire detector retracts and folds down to a compact 22″. Simply fold down the searchcoil to expose the bottom shaft. It is ready for use straight out of the package.

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The Best Metal Detectors for Kids (2021): Get your child started with metal detectors

Do you have a child who is interested in searching for hidden treasure? If so, choosing a detector that’s fun to use without spending a fortune can be difficult. Below are some recommendations for the best metal detectors suitable for children, according to their age.

A Quick Pick…

The Fisher F22 is my top choice for a child’s metal detector. Its lightweight design and easy-to-use control panel make a great choice for children Don’t let its simplicity fool you though. This detector features a fast and powerful reactivity. If your child is lucky, it won’t get outgrown. The hobby of metal detector is great for kids. It is fun, educational, stimulates curiosity, as well as encouraging children to spend more time outdoors. The hobby is also a great way for adults and children to spend time together while learning about local history.

Choosing a child’s metal detector isn’t easy though – especially if you’re not a detectorist.

There are endless options on the market, but most are only toys. You are not likely to discover hidden treasure with any of these models. However, the majority of “real” detectors that are recommended for kids may be too expensive.

Even with these challenges, purchasing a detector for your child is not an easy decision. Making the right decision could spark an interest that lasts a lifetime. Any enthusiasm can quickly die before it becomes a lifelong hobby.

How can a child use a metal detector to detect dangerous objects? To me, there are six important factors:

best kids metal detector


Some children are born natural-born adventurers. Their passion is to find treasure, and valuable loot. The metal detector is one of the most useful tools they have to aid in this quest of discovery. This hobby will allow them to discover new adventures, no matter if they are in the garden or on the beach.

Here’s a list of 10 best metal detectors to help beginners. We listened to real reviews and dug up any fake internet reviews in order to ensure we only picked the very best. This list includes metal detectors for a variety of budgets, age ranges, and for indoor and outdoor play.

1Kidzlane Kid’s Detector Wand for Metal (Best Value Option) Amazon Price: $47.94 It can also be used as a handheld or full-sized handle wand. Finally, it comes with both audio and visual alerts.

Choose a Metal Detector for Kids or Teens

It is important to know what you are looking for in a detector so that they can be the most appropriate for their skill and age. Many metal detectors are too heavy and cumbersome for younger children.

You need to tailor your metal detector purchase on the types of metals you will be searching for, the areas you will be searching in, and again, the age and skill of your child. Some metal detectors have an LCD display that displays all pertinent information. For younger children, however, it can prove too complex.

Models that only make sounds when metal targets are detected can be found. These detectors will often have a gauge on them to show the potential metal found. These detectors can often be used to introduce children to metal detection.

Consider the price of a metal detector. A detector that is affordable for children will be a good investment. Perhaps you’d prefer that they test out cheaper detectors and decide if it is worth the money. There are many entry-level models for children and models that can fit into a budget. You will save money if they decide not to like metal detectors or damage the equipment.

Let’s now move on to the top 21 metal detectors that kids and teenagers can use.

best kids metal detector

Specially designed for children, has more advanced features than other models

The Teknetics EuroTek detector is ideal for teenagers and older children. It features an LCD LCD screen that displays numerical target IDs, nonferrous target ids, 3 segment depth indicators and 2-tone audio ids. It features discrimination mode, has adjustable sensitivity, and a large target overload warning.

The EuroTek was designed to handle tough soil conditions and is an all-purpose metal detector. This detector works well in iron-infested sites and the search coil can be swapped out with other coils for the perfect detector for your search area. The standard search coil is an 8″ concentric waterproof coil, so it can be used in shallow waters (the control box is not waterproof, so care should always be taken near water sources).

EuroTek is able to detect coins, relics as well as silver at frequencies of 7.81. The detector weighs in at 2.4 pounds so it will be difficult for children to use. This detector is suitable for teens and young adults, as well as tweens.

Kids Metal Detectors 2021 – Top 10 Metal Detectors For Kids Review

Michael Moore Children are usually reluctant to show interest to all those boring adult hobbies, but treasure hunting is something almost any child will be excited about. Check out the best metal detectors kids ratings to help your child learn about treasure hunting!

You should look for certain characteristics in a kids metal detector. Bounty Hunter Junior’s is one such example. Pay attention to brand reliability and choose a lightweight model that is easy to set up. We have created a list of machines that are suitable for you to help you choose the right model.

There are several important criteria that metal detectors for children should adhere to. These are important considerations when discussing metal detectors for kids. You should first understand that children need metal detectors. Children must always be able to see the process and you should also stay close by them. Children can make danger out of any object they get their hands on, so do not just search near to them on the same location, you have to literally be walking next to the child. If the child’s age is not yet adult-proofed, do not allow the use of the junior metal detector by them. You can help your child find every treasure even if they are a little tired. This will help you make sure your child is secure.

Check the instructions carefully before you purchase the instrument for the child. Your child’s height and age should be reflected in the device. The device should be compatible with your kid’s age, height, and other factors.

You will also need to determine what type of kids metal detector to get. You will need a simple toy metal detector that keeps the child entertained for a short time. For the toys, see Best Metal Detectors 4-9 Year Old. But, be aware that this won’t yield many discoveries. The best metal detectors for children are for those who believe that the child will enjoy the hobby and will continue to do so for a long time. Learn more about the Best Metal Detectors For Kids Aged 10+.

In terms of kids metal detecting, here are the criteria to consider: usability, price (this is important for all parents, because children can forget about their new toys or hobbies pretty fast), plus finds (because without finds, the kid will definitely forget about the device the next day).

.Best Kids Metal Detector
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