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Best Toddler Towers

Simplay3 Toddler Tower Childrens Step Stool With Three Adjustable Heights (Espresso Brown)

Simplay3 Toddler Tower Childrens Step Stool with Three Adjustable Heights (Espresso Brown)
Features: -Tower platform grows with your child -Adjusts to three heights 18”, 15”, & 12” -Durable, double wall construction is easy to clean -34.5” height allows for storage under island counters when not in use -Support up to 60 lbs
  • Toddler Step Stool Activity Tower Is Completely Enclosed For Added Security.
  • Tower Platform Grows With Your Child & Adjusts To Three Heights 18” 15” & 12”.
  • Durable Double Wall Construction Is Easy To Clean.
  • 34.5” Height Allows For Storage Under Island Counters When Not In Use.
  • Supports Up To 60 Lbs. Assembles In Less Than 5 Minutes. Made In The Usa.

Looking for a toddler step stool that grows with your child? Look no further than the Simplay3 Toddler Tower Childrens Step Stool with Three Adjustable Heights! This activity tower is completely enclosed for added security and can support up to 60 lbs. It assembles in less than 5 minutes, and is made in the USA.

Best Toddler Towers

Best Toddler Towers

5 Best Learning Towers For Toddlers, According To Parenting Experts

These can improve independence and motor skills if they are properly supervised.

Many toddlers love to help in the kitchen and others just enjoy hanging out with their parents to learn about what’s going on. However, young children may have safety concerns when they need to reach the countertops. The good news is that a learning tower, which can also be used by young children as a ladder to help them reach higher heights, may not pose the same safety concerns.

Rachel Rothman is Chief Technologist for the Good Housekeeping Institute. She says the “learning tower” was inspired by Montessori learning methods. The learning tower (also known as a “kitchen helper tower” or “Matrix tower”) is typically a four-sided unit and has a step stool. Rothman states the units are made to enable your child and you to both reach tabletop height.

Rothman’s team tested and ranked the best-selling learning towers available for toddlers. The ease of assembly, quality and stability, as well as how simple it is to clean, were all factors considered by our Lab specialists. Additionally, we considered any extra features, such as a learning tower with adjustable heights, attachments, and other modules.

How To Keep Kids Safe In A Learning Tower

To maximize security when using a learning tower, Rothman recommends the following:

Inspect the unit frequently to check for damage and splinters.

Sign up for recall notifications and be mindful of what is near or within reach (i.e. Can they lift themselves on the table? Are dangerous objects like knives or the stove within reach?)

Parents must supervise their children. Rothman states, “We remind children that they cannot move the learning tower,” but “but they still try!”

Make sure it provides sufficient protection for your child, adds Gummer. “There’s no point in using a learning tower if the top bar is below the child’s knee,” she says.

Find the top learning towers that toddlers can use in 2021 based on tests by Rothman.

Best Learning Tower, Classic

Little Partners – Starting at $209 Little Partners’ toddler learning tower can be described as the Rolls Royce for learning towers. Many parents have one and they swear by them. There are many testimonies that show how useful it is over time and with multiple children.

like an easel, a busy board, and a nonslip mat to put underneath.

Bottomline: If space isn’t an issue and you want a learning tower that will last for years, this is a great option.

Best Safe Kids Stool Little Partners It’s great for smaller spaces and older children with a need to boost their height.

It’s a fantastic option for those who want something small and safe.

Purchase here

Best Toddler Towers

What’s a kitchen helper tower?

Toys are a favorite activity of toddlers. You can get your toddler involved in the kitchen by building a cooking tower (also known as a “learning tower”) that will allow them to help clean, cook, and do other tasks around the house.

A kitchen helper Tower is simply a safety stool designed to allow children aged 18 months and younger to reach difficult-to access areas such as the countertops or other kitchen surfaces. The popularity of kitchen helper towers is due to the fact that they encourage independence, mobility, and accessibility.

Kitchen helper towers can be a great tool for toddlers but they are still an expensive investment. To find the right learning platform for your child, you should look at multiple options. Let’s get started!

These are the 5 best learning towers for toddlers

Affiliate links may be included in this article. This means that if I click on an affiliate link, you may earn a commission at no cost to me. My full disclosure policy is available here. These top toddler learning towers will allow you to help your children reach the stovetop, prepare meal plans and practice other useful life skills.

All things change when your baby turns into a toddler.

The days of crawling are gone, and toddlers want to have all the fun. Even though this is an enjoyable time for parents it may also bring up concerns regarding their child’s safety. Toy learning towers are great for helping your child become more independent and preventing serious accidents.

A learning tower is a stool with a seat and securing on the top to stop your toddler falling over. This is a great option if your child loves to cook and bake.

ROSPA Statistics show that the majority of accidents that occur with children are in the kitchen. A learning tower is essential if your toddler wants to learn how to cook independently and interact with you.

Best Toddler Towers

Top 5 Learning Towers For Toddlers

Our search for the perfect learning towers for toddlers has been intense. We have narrowed our selection down to five great options.

GuideCraft Kids Wooden step-up tower adjustable tower supports 200 lbs. It is an excellent option for your toddler. Two height settings allow you to adjust your toddler’s height as they grow. One of the reasons we love this stool is due to its safety measures, which are ideal if your toddler wants to join you at the kitchen counter.

GuideCraftKid’s step ladder tower has one problem. It is very difficult to assemble. Do not attempt to assemble it yourself if this is something you don’t know how to do. The tower provides everything necessary to ensure that your children take part in all aspects of daily life, like cleaning up after them.

Pros Cons

Reliable Price It will take you a long time to assemble

Two height setting

Up to 200 Pounds Supported by SDADI – Children Step-Up Tower

Kids want to experience life, but safety is every parent’s biggest concern. SDADI’s amazing tower of learning was created for toddlers. Safety is paramount. It is great for baking, cooking, and can even be used to teach your child how to make things on their own. The tower has four height options, which is one of the greatest advantages SDADI offers.

Tower is made of non-toxic materials and makes a good investment for your growing child. If you have the right tools and knowledge, assembly is easy. Overall, this learning tower for toddlers is an excellent option; just make sure you purchase it from a reputable seller.

Pros Cons

Looking for a Learning Tower?

An investment in furniture you will use for many years can be made by purchasing a toddler learning to tower. These are the features you should consider to make the learning tower the best investment and get the greatest value.

Growing children can have an adjustable height. Every child is different, and the learning tower doesn’t have one-size fits all.

For more stability, a wider base is better for standing.

Price-varies according to your personal budget but the range for learning towers can range from 80 dollars up to 230 dollars.

Take into account the amount of space in your living room, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

Best Toddler Towers

How To Choose The Right Toddler Learning Tower

Affiliate links may be included in this article. For more details, please refer to the disclosure policy.

You have so many options now for great toddler towers , that are a safe option for your little ones to help you in the kitchen. The level of confidence your toddler develops when they feel safe is extraordinary. Let’s look at your top choices so you can decide which would fit your family and space best.

This is the original and most loved learning tower. Lots of benefits including a few different colors to match your kitchen, height adjustable, can fit two kids, and you can buy adjustments to make it into an easel later. The only problem is that it can be quite heavy. The product is also not easily collapsible. As a friend of mine put it, make sure you put rubber around the bottom to protect your toes after constantly running into it. You don’t need to do this if the kitchen is tiny or you live in an apartment. The pros of this learning tower are many and will be useful for many years. This one is usually $199 on Amazon Kitchen Helper by Guidecraft A little smaller and collapsible, which cannot be done with the Little Partners Learning Tower . Which makes it a better kitchen helper for smaller spaces so you can store when not in use. You can also use it as an interactive play toy, with a whiteboard or chalk already attached. Height adjustable as well! Some owners have expressed concerns that the product’s quality is questionable. It only comes in white and natural. It might not be durable enough to last for the years it was advertised. $150-$200 Contemporary Kitchen Helper by Guidecraft Some criticism about the original Guidecraft kitchen helper are that adventurous toddlers use the shape cutouts to climb. Because the slats do not create “steps”, this model fixes that problem. It all depends on the personality of your child and what you like. It also features a darker wood stain than the original. Amazon has a brand new model, the SDADI Kids Kitchen Steering Step Stool with Safety Rails. This product already gets rave reviews. It is nearly identical in appearance to the Etsy model that’s no longer available. It is an excellent value compared to two of the original learning towers. The stool is approximately the same size as a normal stool and doesn’t take up too much space. Available in natural, black and white. It can even be painted in natural color if you wish to change it!

EtteTete Helper Tower/ Table (Etsy) helper tower

It can also be converted into a table, which is a great feature! The “step’n’sit” is available in five color options, and the clasps are gold, silver or brass. Cons are you may have to wait a little long for this item because they are made to order. This item is also not height-adjustable, however the table feature makes it easier for children to use.

BolzeBilla Learning Tower Montessori Kitchen Helper (Etsy)

option. It is very customizable with lots of color choices or you can buy a natural finish to paint yourself. Looks like it uses the Ikea Bekvam stool as a base, is a bestseller and has excellent reviews. The aesthetics and workmanship of this product was amazing. The cons are that it takes a bit to assemble and the height cannot be adjusted.

TKPDesigns Toddler Tot Tower- Safety Step Stool (Etsy)

on Etsy. The bar at the back is what makes this unique from all the other Etsy cooking helper and learning towers. This bar is perfect for older kids. You can use it a lot longer than the traditional learning tower age range. You can choose from a variety of wood colors and paint colors. Laser engraving is also available. You can choose from a variety of color options or add as many names as you like. Prices vary between $129 and $215.

Unique about this learning tower is its size. It has three different height adjustment options, which is a difference from other learning towers of similar size. The top bar is removable and can also be taken out when the child gets older. You can choose from unfinished options or six different colors.

(02) Sdadi Kitchen Helper For Toddlers (18+ Months)

This is the most affordable “Toddler Kitchen Helper”, style learning tot tower, for up to 18 months. It comes in neutral colors that match your home.

SDADI Amazon

For parents on a hunt for the perfect intersection between savings and quality SDADI is a manufacturer brand offering a friendly low price with over 2,000 five-star reviews (at the time of writing).

The unit is 35 inches high and can be positioned on most countertops. Although the unit’s price may be lower than others, it still offers a complete-size option that will entertain your child for years.

It does have some disadvantages. This toddler tower isn’t adjustable or foldable so it can be less versatile and convenient than more costly models.

Because it is a large purchase, such as a learning tower or learning tower, you want it to look good in your home.

Are Learning Towers Good For Toddlers?

Here are 5 of the best learning towers that toddlers can use, according to experts from Parenting. If they’re properly monitored, they can improve independence and motor skills. … That’s where a good learning tower comes in, as it can be a a great way for young children to reach various heights without the same worries of falling from a step stool.Aug 30, 2021

How old are toddler towers suitable for?

The average age for the helper tower is 18 months. Around this time most children are confident enough on their feet and can walk steadily. For others, it might be as early as 12 months. Therefore you will need to take the time to observe your child’s abilities and make sure they are able.

Are Learning Towers Montessori?

Montessori Teachers highly recommend the Learning Tower for Montessori-based at-home learning. A Learning Tower is a great tool for young children.

Which Time Should A Learning Tower Be Purchased?

Most toddler learning towers can be used at 18 months of age. A learning tower is best introduced to children as young as one year. June 22, 2020

.Best Toddler Towers
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