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Usps Background Check Policy 2022

Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

There are few careers that offer the opportunity for security, growth and benefits as a United States Postal Service job. This is why the hiring process at the Postal Service is rigorous.

Perhaps you’re wondering if mistakes made in the past might come back to haunt your application for employment with USPS.

For a more brief explanation, let me tell you what the USPS background checks policy are. Here’s a quick explanation.

  • USPS Background Check Policy 2022
  • Since 2022, the United States Postal Service has been conducting background checks on every prospective hire. A thorough background search includes looking into the criminal history of each applicant for the last five year, and their driving record especially for jobs that require operating a motor-vehicle. USPS does not automatically disqualify candidates with a criminal record.

  • For more about the types of background checks USPS conducts, what could disqualify you from working for the Postal Service and whether you can have a felony on your record and still be hired, keep reading!
  • What sort of background check does USPS conduct?

    The United States Postal Service, an independent agency of the federal government’s executive branch, is a selective employer that performs a number of background checks.

    Both the criminal record check and the driver’s record check are easily recognized.

  • A criminal background check is performed to determine “…where an individual has been, lived in, worked or studied within the United States of America or any territories.
  • This only covers five years. A thorough review cannot be performed if the applicant has been abroad during any of those five years.

    It could lead to the termination of employment.

    The background check must be started by providing your name and addresses over the last five year, along with your driver’s licensing number (for driving position).

    Your date of birth, social security number and other details will be verified.

    You will have to consent for USPS to conduct this investigation before they look into it.

    USPS examines your employment history including whether or not there have been any firings.

    You can be honest. The application won’t go to a machine disqualifying you if your job has been terminated.

    Instead, a person will read your application. They (as well as any other hiring staff) can evaluate the circumstances with an open mind. The firing of a staff member is not an immediate answer.

    What Disqualifies You From Working For USPS?

    While being fired from a previous job or even being convicted of a felony aren’t disqualifiers from working for the USPS (provided you are honest), a poor driving record might be.

    A clean driving record is essential for any position that involves driving, like rural mail carrier.

    Some automatic disqualifiers include:

  • Two years or less of driving experience
  • Driver’s license suspended minimum once every three years and at most twice per five
  • Permit to drive must be revoked every 5 years
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at least three times in three years. At least two in five
  • DUI (drugs, alcohol, etc.) at any point
  • Any other traffic violations at least three in three years, at least five in five
  • Afault-related accidents must not be more than two times per year or in any case that leads to a fatality.
  • All hit-and run offenses
  • Can you still get hired with a poor driving record for a non-driving position? This is possible because it doesn’t impact how your work will be done.

    You will be unable to apply for certain positions at USPS if your driving record contains any of these violations.

    Can You Work For USPS With A Felony?

    United States Postal Service treats convicted felons with respect and takes a measured approach in its handling of them as employees.

    Here is their history check statement

    Postal Service recognises that many individuals with criminal convictions have successfully rehabilitated and can perform the tasks of postal work. They are eligible to apply for positions based on their individual merits.

    As such, even convicted felons should be allowed to apply. You can expect your application to be reviewed with an open and fair mind.

    It is essential that you show progress toward rehabilitation following a criminal offence.

    You might be required to have no other convictions or positive employment history after your incarceration.

    In this same vein, candidates who have been convicted of misdemeanors must be reported. Candidates will also need to be evaluated for suitability following such convictions.

    You might also be in a gray area where you have been charged, but not convicted, convicted, but that decision was overturned, or convicted for a civil (non-criminal) offense.

    Oder perhaps you are a victim of a juvenile crime that was cleared when you became a adult.

    The USPS doesn’t require that you report in any of these situations.

    What is the USPS Background Check?

    Your history is reviewed by the Postal Service up to five years ago.

    This timeframe is similar to the willingness of these people to work with felonies-convicted individuals, if I may guess.

    The idea is that you should be able show potential as an employee if you can demonstrate your ability to maintain or rehabilitate a principles-based life over the past five year.

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  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service engages a background check of every potential employee on their pre-hire list.

    Although applicants may not be immediately disqualified from the program for felony convictions, they must prove that they are rehabilitated and worthy of another chance.

    What far back does the Usps Background check go?

    How deep can a background check by USPS go? The Postal Service will review up to five years of your records.

    What is the biggest obstacle to you working for Usps

    Disqualified are applicants or potential drivers who have had at least one violation in the past three years and two in the recent five years for offences such as careless driving, reckless driving, negligent driving, and trying to evade or avoid a police officer.

    How long does Background Check for Usps take?

    How Long Does a USPS Background Check Take? 28 Jan 2022

    How long does it take for an Usps GIS Background check?

    The average time is 7 to 10 business days.8 Nov 2018

    .Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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