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Usps Book Shipping

Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

USPS apparently offers shipping services that will ship anything. When it comes to shipping books, USPS’ Media Mail service is an excellent option.

  • Media Mail may be a topic you are unsure about. Like, how much does USPS charge for Media Mail shipping? Continue reading for more information about shipping costs, and to learn the rules to be followed!
  • USPS Books Shipping in 2022
  • USPS offers several options for customers shipping books as of 2022. In addition to Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, the postal service provides highly reduced shipping rates through its Media Mail program. Media Mail delivers your package in 2 to 8 business days. On average, it costs 50% more than the other shipping options.

  • Find out what Media Mail costs to ship and learn more about using this service.
  • USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    What’s the Cheapest Method to Ship a Book with USPS

    Media Mail, which is USPS’s cheapest shipping option, allows you to send books by USPS. Media Mail can be used to ship books for less than 1 pound. That’s more than many individual books. It costs only $3.19.

    As a comparison, Priority Mail pricing starts at $7.95 and goes up depending on the size and weight of the package.

    Media Mail can be seen as more expensive than Priority Mail at 50%,

    Shipping a Book with USPS: What Is the Cost?

    Media Mail pricing starts at $3.19, and increases based upon weight per pound.

    For packages weighing less than 2.6 pounds, you’ll need to round it up to 3 pounds.

    You can also see a breakdown below of Media Mail’s shipping rates by weight

  • A pound doesn’t equal one.
  • $2.82 – Weight limit: 2 lbs
  • Weight doesn’t exceed three pounds: $4.45
  • Weight doesn’t exceed four pounds: $5.08
  • Weight doesn’t exceed five pounds: $5.71
  • Weight doesn’t exceed six pounds: $6.34
  • Weight doesn’t exceed seven pounds: $6.97
  • Weight doesn’t exceed eight pounds: $7.60
  • Weight doesn’t exceed nine pounds: $8.23
  • 8.86
  • Media Mail packages may weigh as much as 70 pounds. However, I have only listed shipping costs up to ten dollars in order to save space.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Why is USPS Media Mail such a cheap option?

    Media Mail is affordable for many reasons. You can get it heavily subsidised by USPS.

    Also, it’s slower than other shipping methods, includes only the most basic options, and is subject to compliance checks. We’ll now look more closely at each one.

    Since over 80 years, USPS has subsidized Media Mail.

    Since 1938 when President Roosevelt established the program, it has been encouraging people to mail educational materials via the mail.

    USPS purchases books and educational materials for a loss. Media Mail can be accessed at such a low price because of this.

    Media Mail costs less than other methods of shipping, and is therefore more affordable. Media Mail typically arrives within 2-8 business hours, though it is possible to take longer.

    A Priority Mail package delivered on cross-country trips will arrive four times quicker than a Media Mail mail package.

    Media Mail’s third advantage is its low price.

    Priority Mail has up to $50 worth of insurance. Priority Mail can send or return it for free. Media Mail gets only a oneway ticket.

    This means that if the Media Mail package must be sent or returned by the recipient, they will have to pay additional postage.

    In addition, Media Mail insurance costs extra.

    Finally, Media Mail is cheap because it’s the only class of mail the postal service can legally open and verify the contents.

    The USPS will open your package and find out that you are not sending just books.

    USPS could technically assess you for mail-fraud. It’s likely, however that your package will be returned to you or held by USPS for the postage due from the recipient.

    If that’s the case, you or the recipient will have to pay the difference between the Media Mail rate and the First-Class or Priority Mail rate.

    What Time Does USPS Media Mail Take to Deliver?

    According to USPS, Media Mail takes between two to eight business days to arrive.

    It is important to remember that the distance it travels and the busyness of USPS can make it take longer.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Does USPS Actually Check Media Mail?

    Although the USPS checks Media Mail for accuracy, it is not always as thorough as you might expect. USPS’s process is more spot-checking rather than a thorough review.

    USPS can’t check each Media Mail package every day because of this. USPS receives more than 173,000,000 pieces of First Class mail every day.

    USPS has no time to review the content of Media Mail packages.

    With that in mind, USPS probably inspects several thousand pieces of Media Mail packages each day.

    That may seem like a lot at first glance, but it’s truly a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of mail sent with Media Mail postage.

    As long as the package meets USPS standards, there are high chances that your package won’t be flagged.

    How do I package books to ship with the USPS

    To ensure your books make it to their destination undamaged, follow the steps below:

  • 1. Take Stock
  • Shipping box
  • Corrugated cardboard roll
  • Packaging tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Packaging peanuts and bubble wrap are some examples of packing material.
  • Books
  • 2. Put the Book in A Bag
  • Wrap the book in bubble wrap or clear plastic bags and secure the ziplock if it is a bag. If your plastic bag doesn’t have a zipper lock, close the flap and tap it tightly so it will not open.

  • 3. Cardboard Cardboard to Secure The Book
  • The next step is to wrap the books in a corrugated cardboard sheet. This will protect them against any damage during shipment.

  • 4. Put the books into a shipping case and add additional protection
  • For extra protection, wrap the books in bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

  • 5. You can print a shipping label and ship the books
  • You can also have the label printed for you at your home by going to the post office. When your box has been prepared, give it to USPS.
  • Find out more by reading our post on USPS Laptop Shipping, USPS Guitar Shipping, and How Fast is USPS Media Mail.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Media Mail makes it easy to ship books. Your package will arrive promptly and costs less than half of other services.

  • With that, if you’re okay with a bare-bones service and accept that a postal service worker could open your box, then there’s no better way to send books through the mail!
  • .Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

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