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What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

There are some nice trappings that come with working for the United States Postal Service.

This is why the USPS hiring process can be so intense and prolonged. It is possible that you have been stuck for a while in the Offer Phase Ext.

So, what does Offer Phase Ext mean for USPS hiring? What does it mean for USPS hiring? Let’s find out.

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

What is Offer Phase Ext for USPS?

Prospective hires for the USPS Phase Ext are currently in the final stages of the hiring process. This is the last step in the hiring process. Prospective employees are already accepting the USPS offer of employment, have had fingerprints and have passed drug tests, and now they await the results.

  • To learn more about how long this step can take, if it means you really got the job, and where Offer Phase Ext falls in the whole hiring process, keep reading for answers to these common FAQs!
  • How long does the USPS offer phase expire?

    The research that I did shows that although the USPS offer phase ext portion of the USPS hiring process may be nearing its conclusion, it can take quite a bit longer.

    Reddit users have commented that they feel “stuck”, having been in this purgatory of hiring for many weeks.

    One respondent on an Indeed thread mentioned they’d been in the Offer Phase Ext category for a month.

    USPS generally won’t rush the process unless there is an urgent requirement.

    You are now in the Offer Phase Ext category if you’ve completed the application process.

    Prepare to wait at least a few weeks, up to a month or even three months. Yes, this can take a while, but that is how USPS operates.

    Overall, the Postal Service is an excellent employer with a keen eye on their finances.

    While federally they are connected, USPS operates independently from the executive branch.

    This means that President Trump cannot appoint U.S.PostmasterGeneral, who is the head of this agency.

    He or she has the power to appoint the committee that votes and nominates the Postmaster.

    The agency cannot accept public funding.

    Instead, all of their operating costs are generated by postage/service sales, like stamps, the different shipping classes, etc.

    Hiring employees can prove costly. This is not just because of the amount of time required to train. ).

    USPS seeks to attract the top candidates to their company and keep them loyal for as long as possible.

    So, even if hiring for the Postal Service is slower than at Kroger or Target, it’s not a problem.

    According to people who have been in your shoes, when you reach Offer Phase Ext you’re in the home stretch.

    As an important aside: some workers report that even though they’ve been with the employer for months, their accounts still show “Offer Phase Ext.”

  • You shouldn’t look at that job changing as proof that you have been hired!
  • What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

    What Does the USPS offer in Phase Ext mean?

  • The “home-stretch” is what Offer Phase Extensiont looks like, according to current and former employees at the Postal Service.
  • You have completed the majority of the hiring process successfully. That’s a huge accomplishment!
  • You have consented to a background check, taken a drug test, and had your fingerprints done. You and USPS have now waited for those results.

    According to Study-Education.com, you should write your orientation letter as the next stage after everything else.

    In other words, conditionally you are hired once you clear your screenings.

    Be patient. Even though you may be a conditional employee the waiting time could last for up to 3 months.

    What is the USPS’s Hiring Process?

    You may wonder where Offer Phase Ext is in relation to the bigger scheme of the hiring procedure.

    Here’s an overview:

    Wait to find out if you are a match for their requirements. If it appears that you are a suitable match, you may be invited to take Postal Exam 473. You have to obtain a score of at least 70 to qualify. Your scores will be considered if you are able to pass the exam. In reality, it is possible to be invited for both.

    Also, at this point, you are on the pre-hire list.

  • Hiring personnel involves creating an overview file or report that is easily accessible. To perform background checks, you will need to consent. USPS will offer you a conditional job offer if it is determined that you are a suitable candidate. You will then get called to do a drug test and get fingerprinted. This is the point that you are in the Offer Phase Ext. This is where you’ll have to wait – and probably wait even longer – for the result. You might get an orientation letter after you’ve passed your screenings and all tests. Congratulations, because it is possible to get an orientation letter if you have attended orientation but still believe you are qualified for the job.
  • Keep in mind that this overview is only a guideline and could vary from one Post Office to another depending on the way they operate things.

    For more information about USPS you can visit our USPS post on USPS prehire list if it is a federal job and USPS orientation.

  • Conclusion
  • Prospective employees are encouraged to apply for the USPS Phase Ext portion of the hiring process. That means the USPS Offer Phase Ext part of the hiring process is a positive sign.

    In this stage, most of the time you will just be waiting while USPS completes your background check.

    This could take up to 3 months. Use this time mentally to prepare yourself for the long, exhausting but rewarding journey ahead.

    .What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

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