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Verizon Insurance Claim

Verizon Insurance Claim In 2022 (How To Make One + Faqs)

Verizon customers who have bought insurance on their device might want to know how they handle insurance claims and what the deductible is.

  • If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about the Verizon insurance claim process, and how long you’ll need to have the insurance before filing a claim!
  • Verizon Insurance Claim In 2022 (How to Make One + FAQs)

    How Do I File an Insurance Claim with Verizon In 2022?

    Asurion provides Verizon insurance. It is very easy to make a Verizon insurance claims. On-screen prompts will guide you through the steps. It is possible to submit the Verizon insurance documents via the My Verizon application, on the Asurion web site, or by calling Asurion. It will now be possible to submit a claim in 2022 for damaged, lost, or stolen smartphones.

  • Want to learn more about the Verizon insurance claim process such as the deductible and the time it takes for repairs? If so, continue reading to find out more!
  • How Do I Make a Claim on My Verizon Phone?

    Verizon Insurance has a simple process for filing a claim. You must however be the account holder to do so.

  • A Verizon Account PIN must be available, since you will have to use it to file your insurance claim.
  • Additionally, you may file a claim online through Asurion, calling Asurion on 1-888-8821-2622, and you also have the option to file via My Verizon.

    To file a claim using the My Verizon app follow these steps:

  • The My Verizon app is now open
  • Click “Menu”, on the right side of your screen.
  • Choose “Devices”.
  • Click on the device to be claimed and then click “Manage Device”.
  • Click on “Lost Device, Stolen or Damaged Device” Claim your device
  • Follow the prompts on screen, then enter all information and submit.
  • Note that when you’re filing the claim that you’ll need to pay the Asurion deductible at that time.

    To make sure your insurance claims are processed, My Verizon will be used to determine if you have a device that has malfunctioned.

    Verizon Insurance Claim In 2022 (How to Make One + FAQs)

    Is Verizon insurance required for at least one year before filing a claim

    Since there is no waiting time, it’s possible to file insurance claims immediately after you receive your Verizon insurance.

    In other words, insurance that you buy will be activated immediately once it is bought.

    How much does a Verizon Insurance Claim cost?

    The deductible to file a Verizon insurance claim will depend on the device you own, and you can use the Asurion Insurance Deductible Look-Up Tool to find out how much your deductible will be.

    You might find that your device has a $9 deductible but your spouse may have a $249. It’s worth checking the Asurion website to see what your deductible is so that you know how much it will cost.

    Additionally, the deductible prices can change, so if you filed a claim a couple of years ago, you might have to pay more or less now, even if you still have the same device.

    There will be a deductible to cover phone damages, lost or stolen phones. These can also differ depending on whether you are looking for a replacement or repairing the damaged one.

    Verizon Insurance Claim In 2022 (How to Make One + FAQs)

    Verizon Insurance: Can you get it after 30 days?

    Verizon insurance is available after your activation period of 30 days has passed. You will need to wait until the open enrollment opportunity.

    Note, though, that open enrollment doesn’t happen often, and it’s not guaranteed to happen at all every year.

    Therefore, it’s best to avoid the hassle and just purchase the insurance within the first 30 days.

    How Long Does It Take to Get a Verizon Replacement Phone?

    The length of the time taken to receive a new phone depending on when your insurance claim was filed and approved will depend on many factors.

    According to the type and availability of your smartphone, you could get a replacement device as soon as Monday.

    You can also claim the device if you submit your claim by midnight Monday to Thursday. Then the device will go out the same night and be delivered the following business day.

    A claim that was approved on Friday before midnight would be delivered on Saturday if weekend delivery is available in your area.

    If your claim was approved Saturday, you will receive your replacement Monday. Sunday-approved claims, however, will be delivered Tuesday.

    Verizon Insurance Claim In 2022 (How To Make One + Faqs)

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