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Does Walgreens Scan Photos

Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

Walgreen Company
Founded 1901

; 121 years ago









Charles Rudolph Walgreen
Headquarters 200 Wilmot Road,


Area served

United States
Key people
2,091,000,000 (2010)

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Walgreens Boots Alliance



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Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains in the U.S., with 8000+ stores spread all over the country.

Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

The store offers many convenience services, and there is a separate section that specializes in photo-related services. Walgreens is able to scan photos.

  • This is what I know about scanning photos at Walgreens.
  • Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022?

    Since 2022, Walgreens customers can scan photographs at their kiosk. Walgreens customers who have scanned an image can print it for $0.35 (a standard 4×6 picture) or burn it to a CD ($3.99; each CD holds upto 999 photos).

  • If you want to know more about the process for scanning photos, the editing options available, and how to get the best scanning results, keep on reading!
  • Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

    What is the best way to scan photos at a Walgreens store?

    You can take photos at the kiosk counter for ‘Photos’ once you have entered a Walgreens. An employee can point you to this counter.

    Here are the steps to scanning your image once you’ve located the scanner kiosk:

  • You can find the scanner under the kiosk screen by opening the drawer and placing your image into it.
  • Tap ‘scan’ on the screen to get a preview
  • Make sure the orientation is correct. Adjust if necessary. Tap on “Scan” again.
  • Choose the desired size for your scanned image (default size: 4×6) from the available options.
  • The brightness, contrast and saturation settings of the scan image can be adjusted
  • Find any unwanted edges and remove them from the image.
  • Save and finalize your settings
  • After you have completed the last step of scanning, your image is ready for printing on photo paper or burning onto a CD.

    Is it possible to scan as many photos at Walgreens in one session?

    Walgreens has a photo kiosk that allows you to scan maximum 24 photos per session.

    Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

    What can you do to get your scanned photos?

    There are two ways to get your photos after scanning.

  • Burn them onto a CD (each CD can hold a maximum of 999 photos)
  • Print hard copies of the photos (using photo paper)
  • What can you do to scan images taken at Walgreens on an SD card or USB drive?

    Unfortunately, no. Walgreens does not allow customers to scan images and transfer them to any other device, including external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, DVDs, external hard drives and USB drives.

    Walgreens staff may have some resources, and Walgreens is often busy.

    Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

    Is it worth the price to scan your photos at Walgreens

    Walgreens does not charge for the scanning of your photos. Walgreens does not allow the scanning of scanned images. You can only print them or burn them to a CD.

    Printing your photos will require you to pay an additional fee. To print a 4×6 standard photo, it costs $0.35 See the table below for details on all sizes and pricing.

    Each CD will cost $3.99 if your photo collection is to be burned onto CD.

    Can You Edit The Photos Once They Are Scanned?

    After scanning, the photo can be modified to change its color saturation, brightness or contrast. To remove any unwanted edges, you can crop the photo as necessary.

    Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

    How do you get the best scans?

    Follow these tips to increase the quality of your photos scanned:

  • These smudges will appear on your scans. It will be very difficult to fix. Take a microfiber towel from the photographer to wipe the glass clean before you scan your images
  • Be sure to stick with the standard 4×6 size for your photo. Print sizes larger than 4×6 will make your photos more pixelated.
  • You can use auto-fix to have the system automatically adjust the color saturation, brightness, and contrast.
  • Walgreens is a great place to buy stamps for photos you have just scanned.
  • Additionally, you can also take advantage of the Walgreens film development service, Walgreens passport photo service, and the Walgreens photo return policy.

  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens does indeed scan photos at the ‘Photos’ counter in every store, allowing a maximum of 24 scans per session (each to be done individually). These photos can be printed at $0.35 per standard 4×6 size or burned onto a $3.99 CD which holds up to 99 images.

    .Does Walgreens Scan Photos In 2022? (Price, How To + More)

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