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15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart

15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

Walmart, one of five biggest companies worldwide, also owns significant numbers of companies. Some of these companies are known subsidiaries while others may be more surprising.

  • Walmart also owns Sam’s Club warehouse shopping and Hayneedle.com affordable furniture sites.
  • Here are fifteen of Walmart’s most important subsidiaries around the globe. Each serves a unique function within the large organization known as Walmart. Each adds an additional dimension to the company’s growing success.

  • Walmart’s 10 Most Reputable Companies
  • Walmart devotes significant money and time to its ability to compete against Amazon. Walmart strives to be a strong competitor in new markets, whether it is fashion or global expansion.

    We get that Walmart is huge. It’s simply huge. Next up, we’ll be highlighting ten companies Walmart has the most connections with.

  • 1. Hayneedle
  • Hayneedle, an online furniture shop that offers stylish and affordable furniture is very well-known. I have perused the site many times, dreaming of an affordable, classic remodel for all the rooms in my house without ever realizing that Walmart owned the site.

    Walmart bought Hayneedle from them in 2016, in hopes of giving them an online shop.

  • 2. Jet
  • Walmart bought Jet.com in 2016 at a cost of 3.3 billion USD, similar to Hayneedle.

    Walmart wanted to be in direct competition against Amazon.com by acquiring the company.

    Today, if you enter Jet.com in your browser, you will be taken to Walmart.com. The company has taken the site’s style and ideas, but left the domain name.

  • 3. Massmart
  • In 2011, this African-based firm was acquired for 2.54 million dollars. Massmart has more than 42 stores across the country selling general goods and liquor. It is Africa’s second largest merchandise distributor.

    Under the Massmart corporate umbrella, numerous other companies specialize in discounted goods for consumers in Africa, such as Massbuilders and Massdiscounters. Walmarts subsaharan expansion was facilitated by the acquisition.

  • 4. Art.com
  • Art.com offers affordable wall art, home decor and other products in a similar way to Hayneedle. Art.com is, in fact, the largest online retailer of home decor and artwork.

  • By acquiring this site in 2018, Walmarts successfully expanded its online presence, bringing it a little closer to its goal of directly competing with Amazon.com
  • 5. Shoes.com
  • Walmart made an unexpected purchase of Shoes.com last year. It cost $9 million and allowed Walmart to continue to offer the same products Amazon is selling, but at a much lower price.

    Walmart acquired this company to expand their online presence and increase digital sales.

  • 6. Bonobos
  • Bonobos is the first name on the list. The purchase was made by Walmart to expand their online clothing range. Bonobos is an online men’s fashion site that offers affordable, high-quality clothing.

    Walmart bought the brand in 2017 and it was worth 310 million.

  • 7. Moosejaw
  • Walmart didn’t stop at men’s fashion. Walmart acquired Bonobos in 2005 for $51 million. This gave them the opportunity to introduce a rugged, outdoory look to their fashion market.

    Men and women who enjoy the outdoors may be surprised to learn that one of their favorite brands for preparing for camping, hiking, and other adventures is owned by Walmart.

  • 8. Bare Necessities
  • Bare Necessities sells elegant, sophisticated products for a staggeringly affordable price. It was shocking to me to find that the Walmart store could offer such “elegant” or “sophisticated” terms.

    Walmart once more hoped that Bare Necessities’ success online would help it to purchase in 2018, in order to strengthen its position relative to Amazon.

  • 9. Eloquii
  • Walmart purchased Eloquii plus-sized clothing giant Eloquii in one of their most recent ventures into fashion.

    Elonquii maintains Jet.com’s identity but has not lost its website. The Walmart relationship that Elonquii has with Elonquii allows for lower prices.

    Elonquii’s value will remain to be determined.

  • 10. Sam’s Club
  • Walmart established Sam’s Club in 1983 as an entry point to the lucrative world of discount, high volume shopping.

    Similar to Costco and BJ’s, you must have a membership to this “exclusive” club that you pay yearly in order to access the quantity discounts on offer in the giant superstore.

  • Walmart’s Five Most Little-known Companies
  • We’re not done yet! Although this list does not include all of Walmart’s companies, and does not explore all the motives and purposes for these acquisitions it will hopefully show just how wide-reaching Walmart is and how deep it has penetrated many peoples lives.

    Five of these smaller businesses are listed below. Next, we will list five other lesser-known and less well-known Walmart companies.

  • 11. Aspectiva
  • Aspectiva is the most innovative and forward-thinking purchase on this list.

    In India, the small business was bought by Walmart with the intention of leveraging their experience in tech design and customer services to help the company get ahead of its competitors in the in-person and online marketplaces.

    Walmart has not disclosed the exact cost of this Indian treasure but you can see why it was so valuable and wise to acquire it for your Walmart family.

  • 12. Amigo
  • Amigo is a large grocery store chain, largely based in the US territory of Puerto Rico which was purchased by Walmart in 2002.

    The incredibly lucrative acquisition allowed Walmart to work collaboratively with Amigo to expand their business outside of the supermarket world and include more products at steeper discounts to its customers, similar to a Super Walmart model.

  • 13. Flipkart
  • Flipkart, a company based in India was founded to help small-business owners access wholesale items at a low price online.

    Walmart plans on leveraging its access to the goods for its growth in India as well as in eCommerce.

    Therefore, Walmart purchased a controlling share in the company for $16 billion in 2018 to support their goal of growing their digital presence.

  • 14. Seiyu
  • Seiyu, Japan’s most popular supermarket chain, was an obvious purchase for sales giant Walmart.

    Seiyu first opened its doors back in 1963. By then, it had built up a reputation with Japanese customers. Walmart partnered with Rakuten for online delivery and was able thus to take advantage of that strong reputation.

  • 15. Carhco
  • The company is also located in Central America and Puerto Rico.

    Walmart acquired Carhco in 2004, making it the biggest supermarket chain in this region. Carhco’s global expansion was a major factor in Walmart’s acquisition of it. It cost Walmart 2 billion.

    Walmart is a company that is focused on providing information to consumers about the business.


    Walmart is a company that owns the following:

    Massmart Massmart is the owner of many local brands like CBW (Builder’s Warehouse), Makro and Game. The acquisition of six Makro-stores in Makro was the catalyst for the establishment of this company. Walmart bought a 51 per cent controlling stake in the company for $2.54 Billion.

    Who Owns The Other 50% Of Walmart?

    Walton Family

    Are there any Walmart Subsidiaries

    Walmart is one of the five largest companies in the world that owns a significant number of other companies, some of which are well-known subsidiaries and others that you might find surprising. Walmart has both the well-known furniture store Hayneedle.com as well as Sam’s Club, a warehouse shopping superpower.

    Walmart Buys Hayneedle

    Hayneedle is an online furniture retailer that Walmart acquired when it bought Jet.com. September 25, 2020

    .15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

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