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Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

Sam’s Club is a top retailer and attracts millions to its stores each year. Sam’s Club offers a variety of payment options due to the increasing number of its members.

  • Since Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, you may be wondering whether or not Walmart gift cards are accepted at Sam’s Club. Here is what I discovered!
  • Can You Buy Anything At Sam’s Club With a Walmart Gift Card?

    The short answer is yes Walmart gift vouchers can be bought to buy all types of products at Sam’s Club: alcohol, food furniture, electronic, etc.

    But, Walmart gift certificates can come with restrictions. These are known as restricted gift codes. In these cases, the recipient of the card will not be able to buy alcohol or cigarettes either in Walmart or Sam’s Club with the gift card.

    Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

    Sam’s Club accepts Walmart gift cards.

    Sam’s Club now accepts Walmart gift card at its stores.

    Walmart is Sam’s Club’s parent firm and retains complete control over Sam’s Club’s activities because of their ownership.

    The same organization owns Sam’s Club as Walmart, even though they sell different items at Sam’s Club.

    Walmart’s ownership of Sam’s Club is the reason why Sam’s Club can accept Walmart gift cards as a form of payment.

    Sam’s Club offers gift cards to Walmart as well as the following methods of payment:

  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Cash
  • Take a look
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • SNAP
  • Walmart MasterCard
  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • Sam’s Club Will Accept Walmart Gift Certificates for Online Orders

    Sam’s Club will allow you to purchase online items if you own an eGift from Walmart. Sam’s Club’s online shop accepts other forms of payment, including:

  • Credit cards
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
  • Digital Wallet Service
  • Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

    Can You Use Walmart Gift Cards At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

    At some Sam’s Clubs, there are gas stations for members to fuel their vehicles.

    Sam’s Club’s retail locations and gas stations have different acceptable payment methods. Walmart gift cards can still be used to pay gas at Sam’s Club.

    Sam’s Club members have the option to use Walmart Credit cards or cash as well as debit cards in order to buy fuel at Sam’s Club gas stations.

    Is it possible to redeem a Walmart gift certificate at Sam’s Club?

    Walmart sells two types of gift certificates: a physical, plastic gift card which is similar to a regular debit card and an eGift Card that can be purchased online.

  • Get plastic gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards can be used in stores and online by Sam’s Club members. If you wish to redeem the card online using the gift certificate’s PIN, please make sure that you have it.

    The PIN for a Walmart gift card is found under the area with the scratch-off silver on the back. A Walmart gift that does not include a PIN can be used only in-store.

  • eGift Cards
  • Online purchases are the only way to use an eGift Card. But, an eGift Walmart Card can’t be exchanged for a physical Gift card.
  • You can receive a plastic gift card by printing the confirmation email from eGift and bringing the paper to a Walmart location.

    You should note that the replacement printout must have the card number, and PIN.

    Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

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