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Does Walmart Have Atms

Does Walmart Have Atms In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

Walmart takes pride in providing a diverse range of services to millions of people every day that aim to improve their daily lives.

  • You might be curious if Walmart allows access to ATM machines and if there are limits. This is what I found out.
  • Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Walmart to Have ATMs by 2022

    Most Walmart stores offer customers access to ATMs within their stores by 2022. The ATMs are usually located in the center of the store near the customer service desk. The fee for using an ATM varies depending on where you are located. It can cost between $1 and $4 per withdrawal, according to the Walmart location.

  • You can read on for more information about Walmart’s ATM machines.
  • Which Walmart Stores Have ATM Machines?

    Most Walmart stores give access to an ATM machine, towards the front of the premises. This is so that customers can withdraw their cash funds before they start shopping.

    To find out if a Walmart location has access to an ATM, call the store.

    Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Do Walmart ATM Machines Incur A Fee?

    Depending on your location, you may potentially be charged a small fee when you use a Walmart ATM.

    This fee can vary in cost (usually $1-$4). Walmart allows you to access your money without paying a fee by asking for cashback after purchasing an item.

    But, cashback can only be given up to certain amounts. This amount will be decided at the discretion of an individual Walmart store.

    Walmart Money Cards allow you to access ATMs for free

    Walmart money cards allow you to use them at most ATMs inside Walmart stores as well as some outside ATMs.

    Walmart customers who use their card to shop in the stores won’t have to pay any fees to access ATMs.

    The current maximum withdraw value for the money card is approximately $3,000; the spend limit is around $10,000. This amount also limits the number of transactions that the money card can accept at once.

    Which Denominations Does Walmart ATMs Accept?

    Again, these can differ greatly depending on the case. ATM machines have limited storage capacity. They can store only certain currencies denominations.

    The amount you decide to withdraw will determine which bills are issued. If you wish to know which notes you will receive, it is best to contact your local Walmart store.

    See my guide about ATMs at Walgreens to find other locations where you can withdraw money. Also, my guide can help you determine if Walmart sells Coinstar kiosks.

    Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Conclusion: Do Walmart have ATMs?

    Yes. Walmart stores allow customers to use ATM machines. There may be a small fee to access these ATMs. Also, withdrawal limits may apply.

    .Does Walmart Have Atms In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

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