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Does Walmart Trade In Products?

Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

Companies have embraced trade-in programs as a way to gain new, loyal customers, boost their own stock (who doesn’t love a refurbished deal? You can also offset costs.

  • Walmart is a huge retailer with thousands of sold electronics products. What I found was amazing!
  • Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Walmart to Trade in Products In 2022

    Walmart’s Gadget to Gift Cards program accepts trade ins for seven categories of electronics. Their website allows you to check the condition of your item, calculate its trade-in price, then send it in free. You will also receive a Walmart eGift voucher. Walmart also offers separate trade in programs for cell phones.

  • To learn more about which devices Walmart accepts as part of their trade-in program, how much you can get, and how you can get cash for your old phones, keep reading!
  • Walmart lets you trade-in these items

    Walmart allows trade-ins of seven kinds of electronics.

    They include:

  • Handyphones
  • Tablets
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Voice speakers
  • MP3 Players
  • Wearables
  • Laptops
  • Visit Walmart’s Gadget To Gift Cards website to find out if you can trade in your device. Next, navigate to the device category at the top left and locate the model/brand on the list.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In TVs?

    Unfortunately, televisions are not part of Walmart’s trade-in program.

    This is due to TVs being too large and fragile to withstand shipping.

    While companies like Walmart have plenty of packaging options on their end for getting large electronic devices safely to customers, it doesn’t go both ways.

    It is simply not possible to find enough special packaging for everyday consumers to return something as fragile.

    Walmart would find it too difficult to obtain the product and expensive.

    Does Walmart Trade In iPads?

  • Walmart will accept trade-ins for Apple iPads. They currently accept 19 different iPad models, starting with the iPad 1!
  • You can check this link to find out if your device has been added.

    Walmart is also open to tablets manufactured by other companies. See the entire list below.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Video Games?

    Walmart will not trade-in video games at this time.

    I suspect that there are too many types of products out there. It would be difficult to keep up with all the different kinds and fair pricing.

    GameStop or Best Buy will accept trades in your video games.

  • Another option is to Google “video game trade ins near me”, as sometimes there are independent second-hand media shops that fly under the radar.
  • Does Walmart Trade In Video Game Consoles?

    Walmart accepts trade-ins of video gaming consoles.

    They accept current consoles from the following major brands: Microsoft and Nintendo.

    Walmart seems to be more interested in newer models than older systems, which some may consider “vintage”.

    To see if your device is on the list for trade-ins, check here.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Computers?

    Walmart currently does not accept desktop computers. However, they allow customers to trade their laptops in.

    Walmart accepts laptop trade-ins from 16 different manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Toshiba.

  • They don’t take desktop computer trade ins due to the large size of these parts, screen and hard drives!
  • On the other side, laptops are smaller and more portable.

    For the full list of applicable trade-in laptops, click here.

    Walmart trades in cell phones

    Walmart will accept phone trade-ins two ways.

    In their Gadgets to Gift Card program, they first accept mobile phones.

    CExchange is Walmart’s trading partner. They handle Walmart trade-ins.

    Walmart currently accepts 17 different manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft and Google.

  • Interesting that they will also accept older brands like Blackberry or Kyocera.
  • You can find the full list of acceptable cell phone manufacturers here.

    Walmart sells cell phones secondarily through the ecoATM kiosks. Here customers can swap their phones in for cash.

    The site can also help you locate kiosks near you by allowing you to look up its value. Chances are you will have an ecoATM in a Walmart.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    What Can You Get For A Trade In At Walmart?

    Walmart trade-in prices vary by product, brand, and model.

    Apple Macbook for example is a high-end item that sells at a premium rate. ).

    On the low end, the Fitbit Ace device will net you only $1 max.

    To find out the exact value of your device to Walmart (or any other retailer), visit their Gadget to Buy Cards website.

    Walmart has a program that allows you to buy and sell used smartphones. You also have the option of reading our post on whether Walmart is willing to purchase used phones.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Gadgets to Gift Cards trade-in program is a great way to get rid of old electronics that you might have lying around.

    It is easy to search online for your device and then initiate a free trade-in.

    Ipads under trade-in at Walmart

    Walmart is open to Apple iPad trade ins. They accept trade-ins for 19 models of iPad. … Additionally, Walmart also accepts tablets from 18 other manufacturers.

    Can You Trade In A Tv At Walmart?

    Consumers may use an on-line calculator to determine the trade-in value of their electronic equipment. After the value of the equipment has been verified, the customer will be issued a Walmart cash voucher.

    Is Walmart a participant in electronic trade-ins?

    Sep 10, 2013, Walmart.com – Customers who wish to exchange electronics such as tablets, M3 players, camera, and laptops can “gadgets for gift cards”.

    Walmart phones trade in work

    Walmart buys phones through their trade-in programs starting in 2022. Walmart offers credit of up to $500, depending on what condition the phone is in. Walmart accepts old smartphones through its ecoATM kiosk. They will give customers cash, store credit, and credit towards the purchase of a new smartphone.

    .Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

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