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Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used

Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

Asda Stores Ltd.
Industry Retail
Founded 19 February 1949

; 73 years ago






, England, UK


Founders Peter and Fred Asquith



Noel Stockdale


Headquarters Leeds, UK.
Number of locations
633 as of 8 December 2021


Key people

Lord Rose

Products Grocery,

general merchandise


financial services
Asda Mobile

Asda Money


Asda Living
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22.90 billion (2019)




584.2 million (2019)


Owner The Issa brothers

TDR Capital



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Number of employees


George, Asda Living





Walmart could make the perfect gift, if you’re looking for that special gift.

Your recipient will have access to a great variety of merchandise, including products from desirable brands.

  • But before you buy or use one, it is worth asking where Walmart gift certificates can be used. What I found was this!
  • Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

    Walmart Gift Cards: Where can they be used in 2022

    Walmart gift cards can be used at all Walmart stores, Walmart.com, and Walmart-owned retailers such as Sam’s Club stores and selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations in 2022. Walmart gift certificates are unfortunately not accepted at all other retailers in America.

  • If you’d like to know more about what you can and cannot do with your Walmart gift card, keep reading!
  • You can use your Walmart gift card for online and in-store purchases.

    Walmart gift coupons can be used to buy anything at the store, provided that they are not stated otherwise.

    Regular Walmart gift cards permit the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, whereas selected gift cards prohibit these items.

    You can purchase limited-time gift cards that allow you to buy specific items.

    Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

    Can I Use My Walmart Gift Card To Receive Cash?

    Unfortunately, there is no way of getting the full cash back amount on your Walmart gift card according to the Walmart policy.

    Additionally, customers are not able to buy other gift cards (including Visa ones) with their Walmart gift cards.

    Here are some tips to help you get more cash out of your Walmart gift card.

    Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card On Amazon?

    No, Walmart gift cards cannot be used on Amazon or any alternative retailer.

    Amazon.com acts as a direct rival to Walmart. Amazon gift cards that were purchased from Walmart are therefore invalid.

    Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

    Are Walmart gift cards available for associate companies?

    Walmart gift card can be used in Walmart’s owned companies like Walmart Marketplace, Walmart Neighborhood Market or Sam’s Club.

    American-based Walmart stores will only allow gift cards to be used in the US. Gift cards from affiliated companies abroad will not be accepted.

    How Do You Use Walmart Gift Cards?

    Walmart associates are able to scan gift cards during payment. You can pay online by entering the unique 16-digit code or 4 digit PIN.

    A gift card can be used to pay a portion of the transaction, while another payment option is available for the balance.

    Don’t forget to verify your Walmart gift certificate balance before purchasing.

    Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

    Walmart Gift Cards: Where can I find them?

    Walmart gift card cards won’t be found at any other retailer.

  • There are nearly 4,700 Walmart Stores in America. Many of them have Walmart Gift Cards. A
  • Alternatively, go to Walmart.com. There you will find an extensive selection of gift cards in both digital and plastic formats.

    You can read our guide on how to return Walmart gift cards, whether they are redeemable and where you can buy Walmart gift certificates.

    Conclusion: Walmart Gift Cards Can Be Used Where?

    Walmart gift certificates can be used in all Walmart stores and online.

    Walmart gift card can only be used to buy gift cards, not other products. Walmart gift cards are not valid for purchase at non-affiliated stores.

    Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card Anywhere Other Than Walmart?

    Walmart Gift cards can be used, unless other restrictions are applied, at all Walmart stores or Sam’s Clubs in the U.S., Puerto Rico or online at walmart.com/samsclub.com. Also, select Murphy USA fuel stations. May 11, 2020

    Can I Trade My Walmart Gift Card For Cash?

    Can I Sell My Walmart Gift Card for Cash? You can sell your Walmart gift card for cash, however you may not receive the entire amount. Raise. CardCash. Cardpool. Gift card exchanges.

    Can U Use A Walmart Gift Card At Sam’S Club?

    Sam’s Club will accept Walmart gift certificates in-stores as well as online starting 2022. Sam’s Club gasoline stations accept Walmart gift cards as a payment method. Sam’s Club members can use Walmart cards in-store because Walmart owns and operates Sam’s Club.

    Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card At Dollar General?

    Unfortunately, no. Dollar General gift cards can not be used to purchase other gift cards as this is against Dollar General’s in-store policy.

    .Where Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used In 2022? (All Stores)

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