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Can You Work At Mcdonald’S At 14?

Can You Work At Mcdonald’S At 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

As a teenager, you might consider a part time job. However, it is difficult for 14-year-olds to find jobs that are suitable.

  • Fast-food restaurants are often where teenagers start, so maybe you’ve been wondering whether you can work at McDonald’s at age 14? Continue reading for more information!
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14 In 2022?

    You can work for McDonald’s in some states of America at the age 14 if you hold a valid work permit. If employed by McDonald’s at 14-year-olds, you may be limited to the type of jobs you can apply for and the number of hours worked. Starting salary ranges between $8-$11 depending on the location.

  • Keep reading for more information about states that permit 14-year olds to work at McDonald’s.
  • Are You 14 Years Old and Can Work for McDonald’s?

    Below you will find a list with states where 14-year olds can get work. But, you should always check the state laws in your area as these may be subject to change.

  • Alaska
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    What Type of Job Can a 14 Year Old Have at McDonald’s?

    Unfortunately, McDonald’s limits the type of job someone aged 14 can apply for to just a crew member, but it’s great entry-level working experience.

    McDonald’s Crew member has many responsibilities but plays an important part in team.

    What is a McDonald’s Employee?

    McDonald’s crew are entry-level workers and have very detailed job descriptions.

  • Maintaining cleanliness in the bathrooms and restaurants (sweeping, mopping or sanitizing).
  • Customers can ask the staff questions at the counter, or during their dining-in experience.
  • Accepting customers and making friends while they are on the floor
  • While dining in, you can get necessary items to customers.
  • Stocking items as needed throughout the store including the front of the house and in the kitchen
  • As long as the oven is not being used, you can prepare food in your kitchen.
  • Clear the table and chairs so that the next customer can use them.
  • Other assigned tasks by the manager or shift lead
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    McDonald’s 14 year old employee: How much does it cost?

    The location determines how much a teenager can earn at McDonald’s, which could range from $8 per hour up to $11 per hour.

    You may also be eligible for other perks or bonuses that will encourage young people to apply to entry-level jobs, including holiday pay and sign-on bonuses.

    Unfortunately, due to various federal laws regarding how many hours a 14-year-old is allowed to work, paychecks won’t be much during the school year.

    A 14-year old can work at McDonald’s for up to 40 hours per week.

    McDonald’s is required to comply with federal regulations and laws. A person who has reached 14 years old cannot work for McDonald’s more than three hours a week.

    Furthermore, 14-year-olds cannot work longer than eight hours each day when school is not in session (e.g. summer break).

    A fourteen-year-old can work no less than 18 school hours each week and no more then 40 school hours every week once the school year has ended.

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    McDonald’s: How late can a fourteen-year-old work there?

    The Fair Labor Standards Act states that a fourteen-year-old can’t work after 7 am, or before 7 pm, during school years.

    Additionally, 14-year-olds cannot work during summer vacation or school hours.

    Child labor laws are subject to change by each state. You should therefore look at your own state for more information.

    What are the break requirements for a fourteen-year old who works at McDonald’s

    As a teenager working at McDonald’s for 5 hours, you are required to have a 30-minute lunch break.

    No matter what age, job or profession, minors who work more than five hours a day are required to take a 30-minute rest.

    McDonald’s also requires you to clock out and return in before your meal.

    Unfortunately, many states have eliminated the obligation to offer extra breaks to minors. Your McDonald’s restaurant might not be offering additional 15-minute breaks.

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    Is it possible for 14-year-olds to apply for jobs at McDonald’s

    McDonald’s gives everyone the opportunity to apply through their site for employment. It allows users to find the nearest McDonald’s to them.

    In addition to online, you also can walk into your nearest McDonald’s and ask for a paper application to fill out if you’d prefer or if you don’t have Internet access.

    It’s crucial to note that, if you are a minor below the age of 18, your legal guardian or parents will need to sign or complete parts of your application.

    Will a 14 Year Old Need a Work Permit to Work At McDonald’s?

    As the requirements for work permits vary by state, it may not be necessary that all fourteen-year-olds get one before starting to work at McDonald’s.

    Unfortunately, the federal mandate does not exist for work permits for minors. It’s up to each state and the Department of Labor.

    To find out if your school requires a work permit, visit the guidance counselor and request a copy.

    Additionally, to determine if the state you live in requires this information, go to the Department of Labor Website.

    There you will be able to download or print a PDF of the application for a work permit.

    Can You Work At Mcdonald’S At 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

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